The Best of “Private Fountains”: Wet Erotica by Jeremy Edwards

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Jeremy Edwards’ “Private Fountains” stories are sensuous, tasteful, but unabashedly explicit tales about women who love to give their lovers “golden showers,” put on a wet show, or just turn themselves on in private with a little damp solo fun. Written with this award-winning author’s trademark wit, joy, elegance, and passion, these varied, literary, cerebral yet exuberantly raunchy shorts explore the erotic delights these women get from letting go (and from happily holding on awhile), and the thrill they get from being watched. Devotees of tales about pleasure-loving women for whom “wetter is better” will see at once that this is a writer who speaks their language, while readers who are new to the theme will see what they’ve been missing the moment they meet Edwards’ sexy, seductive heroines and the men and women who adore them.

Warnings: These stories contain graphic language, pee play, mild erotic tickling, and explicit sex (m/f and f/f).
Word Count: 16,215




“About how many times a day do you pee?” Horace asked Evelyn.


“On average. How many times?” He smiled charismatically.

“I don’t know...four or five, maybe. A bunch.”


The wine bar was hopping. Other couples huddled at every point of the compass—engaging in less peculiar conversations, Evelyn wagered.

“Why do you ask? Do you keep tallies?”

“Oh, no,” he chuckled. “I’m an enthusiast, not an accountant.”

“An enthusiast?”

He leaned in closer. “Do you like it?”


“Do you like peeing?

She smirked. “What do you mean? I—”

“I mean, do you enjoy yourself with it?” His hand touched her knee.

“What a question, Horace.”

“And here’s another: If you could wave a magic wand and never have to pee again, would you take advantage of that? Or would you miss how luxurious it feels to pull your panties down and piss? Would you opt out of the magic-wand thing, Evelyn?” He broke eye contact long enough to help himself to a piece of focaccia, giving her a moment of space.

This had definitely turned into an interesting date.

“You like how it feels, don’t you?” said Horace, promptly back on her ass.

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“But you like it a lot, yes?”

She shrugged. “Maybe.”

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