Dr. Harding’s Institute: Complete - Commander James Bondage

  • Written by: Commander James Bondage


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Two of Commander James Bondage's classic erotic novels in one volume:
The Education of Alyson Pierce:
Aly's father, Senator Pierce, can no longer allow his 18 year-old daughter to put his political career at risk with her drunk driving, drugs and  wild behavior. He enrolls her in the Institute, where wild girls are painfully tamed by Dr. Harding and his assistant  Miss Brown, and  taught to serve their male masters.  Will Aly, trapped in this nightmarish finishing school along with the voluptuous Renee DuCastell and a dozen other young, beautiful girls, be able resist Dr. Harding's conditioning, or will she become the model wife and submissive sex toy he intends to make her?


A Liberal Education:
Alyson Pierce's education continues, and she learns to enjoy sexual variations that she never imagined she would. Two new students enter the Institute: the aristocratic and beautiful Elizabeth Farrington and her equally pedigreed step-daughter, Anne. They become the subjects of Dr. Harding's new experiment, as he tries to turn them into compliant sex toys with new, even crueler training methods. But Dr. Harding falls in love with Elizabeth, with unexpected consequences for Miss Brown, Aly and the other inmates of Dr. Harding's Institute

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