Rare Gems Song by Argus Marks

  • ISBN: 9781504503686
  • Written by: Argus Marks


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When Chilly Lomax runs into an old flame named Persephone at a weekend beach resort, the two of them reconnect and reminisce. And he reveals the story of the modern-day quest to find a set of mysterious gemstones that he’s been pursuing of late, which began with a crossword puzzle and an arousing ritual.
Along the way, he’s made the acquaintance of old friends and new, as he follows the clues, solves the riddles, and earns the intense rewards the gems provide. Until the trail to the final stone leads to matters of life and death, a meeting with an underworld kingpin, and a possible connection to Persephone’s philandering husband-- as well as the truth about who sent him on that quest, family secrets unimagined, and pleasures undreamt of...


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