Bad Wolf

  • ISBN: 9781609828097
  • Written by: Savannah Reardon


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Sexy alpha-male werewolf, Zane, welcomed Nikki into his pack when hers self-destructed. Throughout the years, Nikki fought with honor and moved up in the ranks until the only female above her was alpha-female, Sara, and she did it without taking a single life.

Sara has proven to be a vindictive and petty alpha, and when Zane begins to lavish more attention on Nikki and spend less time bedding her and breaking in the newer members of the pack, Sara lashes out with a vengeance. Sara only cares about herself and her power within the pack and will stop at nothing to hold on to it and to Zane.

A devastating loss and a rogue attack convince Nikki that the time has come for a new alpha-female. Can Nikki stop the power hungry Sara from hurting another innocent? Can she win the heart of sexy Zane?

Warnings: This title contains sexual coercion, f/f sex, a threesome, explicit sex, language and situations.

Word Count: 16,500





Nikki felt a warm flush flood her body as Zane pulled her against him and sniffed her hair. “I love the way you smell. No other woman in the pack smells like you.”

“Well of course not. We all have different scents.”

Nikki gasped as Zane grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head backward.

“Oh, feisty today aren’t we?” He bent forward and slid his tongue up the side of her neck. “You know exactly what I meant. You’ve got the best smell in the group. It’s sweetness and sex all rolled into one.”

Nikki relaxed and allowed herself to give in to his touch. He aroused her in ways no other male in the pack could do. It’s one of the reasons she hadn’t paired off with anyone. She felt a connection with Zane, and she knew he felt it too. The problem was Sara. The only way to unseat an alpha-female was to fight her, and Nikki wasn’t quite ready for that. She had yet to take a life, and it was something she didn’t take lightly. She’d need Zane to make a commitment before she’d take that step. She knew Zane would still mess around with the new ones. It was part of his role as the alpha-male, but it wasn’t his body she wanted as solely hers… just his heart.

“You know what I want,” he said as he released her hair and pushed her to her knees.

Nikki grinned up at him and eagerly unfastened his pants. “And I know exactly how to give it to you,” she replied. She felt her pussy twinge in response as his cock came free of his pants. It was already half-hard, the skin hot against her hand. A sudden flash of him on top of her, his cock pounding into her pussy entered her mind and she moaned at the thought of what was to come. Soon, she told herself.

With her hand on the base of his cock, she ran her tongue up the sensitive veined front to swirl around the underside of the head. Zane groaned and entwined his fingers into her amber locks. Nikki licked and nipped at his tip, sliding around the glans and teasing him as she flicked over the opening in the middle. Her fingers around the base alternately squeezed and released while her other hand fondled his ball sac.

Before taking him into her mouth, she bent lower and ran her tongue over the soft, wrinkled skin of his balls and sucked each one into her mouth, lovingly caressing them before returning to the head. The teasing brought him to full erectness and Nikki opened her mouth wide and slid her lips down over his shaft. His breath hissed as she took him deep inside. 

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