On Wings of Pity by Neil James Hudson

  • ISBN: 9781504502474
  • Written by: Neil James Hudson


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Marec Neumann has been diagnosed with Thirds, a new disease that kills its victims in exactly fifteen days. He has one hope--Ellathea, the succubus who cured him of meningitis when he was a student.
But the incubi and succubi have their own problems--they are under attack from the angels, powerful ethereal beings who have a plan of their own for humanity. And that plan does not include the survival of the incubi and succubi, nor of Marec himself.
Marec becomes the lover of Ellathea and the incubus Azaret, as well as Catamella, the angel who infected him, and who is determined he should die on the appointed day. But Marec has a unique role to play in the battle. The stakes are his own life, the lives of his demon lovers, and the very future of humanity.
On Wings of Pity is an erotic bisexual supernatural romance that should please anyone who wants a strong and thought-provoking story on sexual themes.


Warnings: This title Contains male and female bisexuality, and multiple partners .
Word Count: 60,000



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