Monster Lovers: 6 Tales of Tentacles & Aliens - Veronica Sloan

  • ISBN: 9781370920716
  • Written by: Veronica Sloan


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In this collection of fantastical erotica, women are seduced by the strangest and horniest lovers in the galaxy!

In "The Octopus's Bride," a new addition to the aquarium pulls intern Kimmy Noguchi into a sticky situation. In "No Orc's Whore," a beautiful barbarian must distract a tribe of orcs with the one weapon they're powerless to resist. In "The Spider From Mars!" astronaut Alice Thatcher makes a terrifying discovery beneath the Martian surface. In "Ménage à Tentacle," a naive marshal journeys to the planet New Dorado and befriends a beautiful bounty hunter and her partner, a tentacled alien that feeds on female arousal. In "The Tentacle Beast of Rigel-7," Commander Bernadette Wulf is seduced and controlled by a lustful monster intent on spreading itself across the galaxy. Finally, in "Defiled by the Dragon," a bratty princess is kidnapped by a dragon...and learns why the creatures prefer virgins!

This bundle of oozing taboo is 47,000 words and is for readers 18 and up. Cover art created by TheKite.


From "Ménage à Tentacle":

One rambunctious tentacle wiggled its beak into her deep cleavage and she slapped it like a naughty child. "I said behave, you creep!" The tentacle retreated, beak downcast in an unmistakable sulk. "Ohhh, baby," she intoned. She took it in her hands and gently pried the beak open with her thumb. The tentative tongue reappeared. And with it, the slick pink head.

I watched with a curious mixture of disgust and fascination as the tongue slithered into her mouth and gently probed her cheeks. She bit down on it playfully and giggled as it made a sound like a raspberry. The tongue retreated into the glistening slit on the pink head, which Thorn stroked with her satin thumbs and then kissed. Mollified, the head retreated into the beak and the tentacle rolled against her neck like a sleepy snake. "Grapla are psychoforms," she said. "You and I need material things to survive. Food, water, sunlight. Grapla resonate to life itself. They prefer raw emotions. Fear is particularly potent, which is why they make such effective partners."

The Grapla took great pride in what she said. Its tentacles rose in a lethal chorus and trilled a dozen haunting tones that melted and faded and complemented each other. It was a stirring sound, accompanied by the hollow clacks of its deadly beaks opening and shutting like hungry birds.

For a moment, the saloon went silent. Large men, cyborgs, and thuggish hybrids of all shapes and sizes, clutched their drinks in fear.

The sound had its most visible effect on Thorn. Her cheeks flushed, her bosom lifted with unconcealed longing. She pulled two tentacles from the pack and let them drape across her chest. "But love is their life," she said. "They die quickly without companionship. They don't grow large in the wild. Some can get by scavenging at the fringes of population centers, but they need a mate to thrive. Someone who loves them unconditionally." She kissed the tops of her lovers' heads.

"Do you ever miss the touch of your own kind?" I asked.

Another smirk. "I had plenty of lovers, men and women and otherwise, before I began my trial. There were skilled lovers, certainly, but even the greatest geishas on Rao's moons cannot compare to Strabo." The tentacles, excited by her praise, wriggled beneath her like a bouncing throne. She stroked a thick vein that throbbed beneath its skin. "No one has ever loved me longer, deeper, more completely. No lover has ever trusted me so fully or given me such respect. I am his wife, his mistress, his darling mother. And he is my world."

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