Bound to the Minotaur by Naomi Foxx

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0401-0
  • Written by: Naomi Foxx


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Working as a security guard at the up and coming Savage Menagerie, Camilla Evans has asperations for a higher position with the company. During her last stint to gain tenure, she is the victim of a crew joke and trapped in the Minotaur’s Maze. When she runs into the sexy Xavier, she can’t understand why her body calls for the beast.



Thunder rumbled the ground under Camilla and was smacked off her. I fell beside her and convulsed in the throws of death as a black and orange ax pinned it to the ground. She yanked up the ax and turned to take on the other shadows. The hilt of the ax began to glow and melt over her hands and she dropped it into the mud.

Hot liquid sprayed over her face and blinded her eyes. She wiped her face as she stepped back, slipping in the mud and falling to her ass. She pushed her back into the wall. Something bigger than the hounds snatched up the last one and it cried out just before a snap of bone. The tearing of flesh couldn’t be drowned out by the rain. She watched as the horned creature threw the two halves of the mangled body behind him.

Camilla stilled herself as it turned to plant glowing brown eyes on her. His body stood tall and strong as steam rose off his heated skin. The thick build of a man that gained his muscles from everyday work, not the gym.

A septum ring glinted in a flash of lightening that illuminated his face. His head was a strange yet beautiful blend of man and bull. His muzzle was short and complimented his thick lips. Thick hair framed his face and his head was adorned with two large horns at the sides. Was this a costume from the attraction? It was a fantastic one since it could still look authentic in the pouring rain. So fantastic it was sexy.

Something was off, he had just ripped some big ass dogs in half. They couldn’t have been fake. Their teeth surly weren’t made of rubber as the still bleeding bite marks on her arm proved. This minotaur was real and powerful.

Fear planted her in place as he stomped towards her. The baton had disappeared in the mud and Camilla was defenseless. He snatched up her shirt and yanked her into the air.

“Let me go.” She grunted as she grabbed his wrist and kicked into his chiseled chest. He stood almost a foot taller than her 5’10” frame and easily held up her weight. Her struggling did nothing to move him.

Camilla slapped at his face and he grabbed her wrist. His glowing eyes were trained on hers and the fight drained out of her to be replaced by a tightening in her chest. She had to get away, but her body refuse to continue to fight as he pushed his body into hers, planting her back against the wall.

Letting her shirt go, he buried his muzzle into her neck. The smell of oranges cinnamon and ginger fill her nose and she did the same to his neck. The feel of his fur against her skin sent shivers to her core. Camilla pushed her fingers through his thick hair and tried to wrap her legs around his waist. The bull-man stopped her with his thigh between her legs.

Camilla moaned as she rubbed her sex against his leg. What was happening to her? Why was she doing this? He smelled so good. She gritted her teeth and tried to pull away, but he put a hand under her chin and made her look at him.

“Finish,” the bull grunted and slid his black tongue across her lips.

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