Animal Attraction by Lynn Marie

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0415-7
  • Written by: Lynn Marie


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Evelyn doesn’t understand why no one in Pottsville will buy her baked goods. It’s hard enough to start a business in a new town, even without unfriendly town-folk and the distraction of an insanely hot neighbor. What she doesn’t know is that she’s stumbled into a town with a big secret; and that the hot neighbor, Michael, is really an Alpha wolf shifter who’s caught her scent.

They can’t fight their intense attraction and Evelyn quickly starts to fall for this amazing man who earns her trust and uncovers her submissive side. As they explore power dynamics in the bedroom, Michael fights for dominance of his pack with another contender for the title of Alpha.

When Evelyn gets caught in the crossfire of this power struggle, Michael will do whatever it takes to protect his woman—his mate.





The man settled into the seat across from Evelyn, his bulk barely fitting in the small chair behind the table. She swallowed, allowing herself a delicious few seconds of taking stock of the broad shoulders, tapered waist and rolling biceps under his simple shirt. He wore the country uniform of beat-up jeans and a tee that had seen better days, but he really made it work. Maybe it was the laugh lines around his eyes, the subtle five o’clock shadow or the roughness of his hands that hinted he was as good with them as he looked… whatever it was, it sent a shiver through Evelyn.

His jaw was all angles and bone and his mouth was the stuff of fantasies. Those unreal eyes were deep set under slanted eyebrows. Her heart started pounding a little harder. The size of him, and those muscles… He looked like the kind of guy who’d take a woman. He’d fill her until she ached and make her beg for more as she held on for dear life. She licked her lips as a bolt of pure, raw lust shot through her, straight between her legs.

Whoa… maybe she’d been reading too many romance novels. Though stunning in its intensity, her reaction was ridiculous. Thinking about him naked before learning his last name was hardly a polite way to meet someone. So she started introducing herself; then she noticed that he was looking at her in the exact same way she was looking at him. It made her cheeks heat.

“Measuring me for a dress?” she asked levelly.

His gaze lifted from the V of her shirt and they locked eyes for one breath-catching instant. She gulped. His eyes were so light against his dark complexion—a clear, light blue. They reminded her of an x-ray; she felt like he could see right through her.

Suddenly she was very aware that she hadn’t buttoned the top button of her button down. Her mother had always called it the “saucy” button—the one that made the difference between wearing a shirt for an interview or for a date. She looked down and fought the urge to close it.

He smiled good-naturedly. It annoyed Evelyn how much she liked his smile, and how unrepentant it was. He leaned forward and extended his hand. “I’m Michael.”

Hesitantly, she accepted it. It was warm and his grip was strong. “Evelyn.”

“You’re new to town.”

“Undeniably,” she countered, taking the last sip of her coffee to avoid the feel of his stare.

“What brings you to Pottsville?”

“A job,” she gestured behind her to the sign with her name. “I have some family nearby. Plus, the price was right.”

He nodded. “Right, I heard about the new baker. I mean, good luck, but Wendy’s was a town staple.”

 “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” She’d heard as much from the previous owner of the bakery (some kindly-meant advice) but this reeked of negging—subtle insults to make her want to impress him.

He grinned at her sarcasm, letting it roll of his back with the same ease he’d ignored her barb earlier. “All I’m saying is that the people in this town are nothing, if not loyal.”

“And you? Where do your loyalties lie?”

“With the provider of baked goods. Which—now—is you.”

She chuckled. “I guess men write their own stereotypes. Next you’ll be telling me that the way to your heart is through your stomach.”

There was a beat, then his eyes flashed. “Have dinner with me, Evelyn.”

Her heart jumped and heat surged in her lower stomach. She took a deep breath to steady herself. Slow down, libido. It had been a while since that metaphorical itch had been scratched, but now was not the time for impulsive decisions.

He was hot. Why shouldn’t she go out with him? A man that could incite this kind of reaction was certainly worth a shot. However, there was an intensity about him that threw her off, and she never responded to presumptuousness—he hadn’t asked, he’d told.

“I’m flattered, but I already ate.”

“I didn’t mean tonight.”

“I know.”

He straightened and his eyes flicked down to her left hand. “You’re not married, are you?” he asked, voice low.


“Dating someone?”

She paused, toying with the idea of lying. “No.”

“Then step outside the box. Have dinner with me.” He leaned back and laced his fingers behind his head, stretching out and revealing a strip of his abdomen. It seemed casual, but was an unmistakable gesture of determination. He was staying right where he was, whether she liked it or not.

            Her pussy clenched. She shifted in her seat, feeling the delicate satin of her panties growing damp. Determination was one hell of a sexy quality in a man. Determined, quick-thinking and he had big hands… looked like she’d hit the trifecta.

When she stood to clear her cup, he stood. Immediately, she felt dwarfed—more so than when they’d both been sitting. He was at least 6’4”, and built like a pro wrestler: big-boned, with a broad chest and narrow hips and thickly corded muscles everywhere she looked. Jeez. He probably hit the gym every day.

“Nice meeting you, Michael.” You and your eyes and face and body… What the hell is the matter with me? Why am I running away from that?

She made a hasty retreat back into her shop to deposit her coffee cup on the counter. Considering the matter closed, her heart jumped when the door opened behind her.

“I don’t give up easy,” he said.

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