Bound to the Serpent by Naomi Foxx

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0427-0
  • Written by: Naomi Foxx


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Dealing with another cheating spouse case, Francina Hawkes crashes the grand opening of the Savage Menagerie. After a night of new sites and passionate heights, she can’t remember a thing. Will Silver be able to find his lost mate and jog her memory?



Fancy stole another glance at the snake and was transfixed by his piercing green gaze. He rose higher on his tail with ease and grace. The person behind engineering the costume deserved top dollar. Based on the look of the place, she or he had to have been well compensated.

The snakeman broke her gaze and looked to his right and she followed suit. Along the other wall was an entrance to the Mates Chambers. What the hell? Fancy read the sign again. No mistaking the meaning behind that as some overly affectionate couples moved through the entrance. Did he want her to meet him there?

When she looked back at the enclave, the man was gone. Wait, where’s the mark. Fancy searched the crowds again. Dammit, she was acting like a noob. How many times was she going to lose the damn scumbag? If she could have gotten the camera in, she could have taken a few shots for proof and enjoyed the rest of the night. But, no, now she had to bear witness to make a solid case in court when his husband took him for half of everything.

Fancy moved to the wall to do a better survey of the room. A loud bang rang throughout the room and she found a big bull, no minotaur exiting the Minotaur Maze door to loud cheers. She caught Mr. Dorian as the paused just before the Mates Chambers, clapped for a few beats then pulled his man through the darkened doorway.

Wading easily through the people as they moved to watch more minotaurs join the first, bigger one in a dance, she made it to the entrance. There was a closed door at the end of the hall and she sped up to open it. There was no need in losing the mark again.

She stepped through and cringed from the screech in her earbud. Fancy yanked it out and rubbed her finger in her ear. “Jammers? Good work.” She stuffed the bud into her inner jacket pocket.

The small hall opened into a large chamber lined with doors. As Fancy moved forward, the sounds of moans, grunts, and cries escalated. There was no way she was going to find them, not without making some other folks mad in the process. Fancy spun around and ran into a hard, silver stripped chest.

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