Crossroads by Sommer Marsden

  • ISBN: 9781609828158
  • Written by: Sommer Marsden


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Wesley Moore, who bargains with a demon to find success. The price seems cheap when he's alone and his family has a history of early deaths. What he doesn't count on is falling in love with two different people just before his deal comes due. Can Wesley come away with his life and both the boy and the girl?

**Originally appeared in Other Magical Creatures

Warning: This story contains graphic sex, multiple partners, and M/F/M sex scenes.





Really. You don't want to do this. You don't.

Wesley shook his head to drown out the logical voice of his cautious side. It really wasn't that big of a deal. With the fucked up gene pool he had emerged from, it was a bargain. He'd read everything three times before filling the small cloth bag. He shook it to hide from himself the fact that his own hands were shaking. This was the stuff his crazy Aunt Melinda had gone on and on about over the years. How his third cousin twice removed, Rupert, had sold his soul to the devil so he could become a famous musician or painter or whatever the hell it had been. He shook the bag again. Rattle, rattle, rattle went the little bits of oddity inside.

His boots kicked up dust and stones. His nose tickled with the urge to sneeze. Not a drop of rain in weeks. He glanced around and saw nothing but a weak stream of moonlight and the blacker shadows of trees in the dark night. The air was tinted purple by the silvery light from the moon.

No time like the present, he said to the crickets. They stilled for a moment, or so it seemed, and then resumed their crazy song. He was humming to himself as he knelt in the dust and dug down with his fingers. How clever he would have been to bring a small spade. Talk about not planning ahead.

 Don't do it. You'll regret it. Nothing is worth this. You don't know your fate. You just don't know…

 But he did. So many in his family had died early from various things, it had become a bit of a family curse. He knew he had maybe thirty-five years on this earth. That was ten good ones to get what he wanted done.

 Too late. He only hesitated a moment, holding the satchel protectively to his chest for a few heartbeats. Then he shoved the pale bag into the shallow hole and pushed dirt over it.

 He stood and felt the air shift. The hair on the back of his neck spiked, and the pit of his stomach dipped with nerves.

 I like redheads, came the voice.

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