Brake Job by Nadia Diament

  • Written by: Nadia Diament


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Julianna Stewart is just trying to finish her auto tech degree, but she can’t seem to master brake repairs or ignore her attraction to her distractingly hot teacher, Mr. Harrison.  After spending too many afternoons working on her car with him, she’s can’t stop staring at the stubble on his strong jaw or thinking about him in her steamiest fantasies.


Simon Harrison has some idea why he spends so much time helping Julianna fix her car, but since he’s her teacher, he doesn’t let his mind go down that road. But after he catches Julianna doing something she shouldn’t, things will never be the same between them. He decides to teach her a lesson she won’t ever forget.



Julianna smiled when she lifted the hood. She and Harrison leaned on opposite sides of the car and looked down to take in his handiwork. She sighed in appreciation.

“Beauty,” she said. “Remanufactured engine?”

Harrison nodded. “380 horsepower.” He stepped closer. “You want to hear her scream?”

All of her earlier nervousness sprang back to life when his voice took on that teasing, low tone. Looking up at him, she nodded, her lips parted and her eyes helpless. She watched as he slipped his fingers over the throttle cable and pressed down. The idling engine went from a purr to a roar. He let it fall back down to a throaty rumble. Then pushed it up to a roar again. Her gaze became unfocused as she listened to the car’s seductive growl. To her embarrassment, a small moan escaped her lips. The car was as sexy as he was. She put a hand on his forearm to stop him, but quickly withdrew it.

Harrison stopped playing with the throttle cable and pulled away from the car, assessing her with smoldering eyes; it was the same intent look he’d trained on her that afternoon. But as hot as it was, the look wasn’t enough of an opening for her. She didn’t feel brave enough to make a move yet, so she closed the hood as gently as she could and leaned into the car to turn the motor off. The shop fell silent. She stood there, staring at him and wondering if she should jump him or run back to her Civic.

The moment stretched between them.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Harrison finally said, “You need to tell me something.” He started walking in a slow circle around her, watching her carefully.

The predatory movement made her feel as nervous as it made her giddy.

Striving for nonchalance, she asked, “What’s that?”

He passed behind her. “Do you know any other Harrisons in your life?”

Her breath hitched. “First name or last, like yours?” Embarrassment flushed her cheeks. If only you could get paid for saying inane shit. She’d be a millionaire.

“Either.” He stood back in front of her again, looming over her.

She swallowed. “No.”

He leaned in and cradled the back of her head, her blonde ponytail skimming the back of his hand.

“So you were thinking about me when you were in the laundry room,” he murmured.

When she didn’t answer, he gripped the back of her head harder. “You were moaning my name.”

She gasped. “Y-yes.”

“What you were fantasizing about. Is that what you want?” His tone had an edge to it, as if he was barely reigning himself in.

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