Giselle and The Hot Squad Book 2 by Dacy Alexandria

  • Written by: Dacy Alexandria


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Giselle & The Hot Squad return in an all new adventure bigger than the size of their busts!

Accepted into the prestigious liberal arts institution Drouin University in Manhattan, NY, SoCal girl Giselle Nyfall couldn't have imagined life in the big city would involve conspiracy theorist classmates, dominatrix style faculty, demonic constructions, and teaming up with her roommates known as The Hot Squad to save the men in their posh upper east condo from a curse by riding a whole lot more than the L train! She and The Hot Squad now find themselves in the outrageous aftermath of their thigh thumping heroineism, left to battle a supernatural mercenary gang, contend with gateways to the underworld at their school, avoid demonic death traps all while constantly coming out their skimpy clothes and into the arms of hot studs and each other! In the middle of all this Giselle learns an amazing secret about The Hot Squad, and the babes soon find themselves in a supernatural tug-of-war that hits close to home for one Hot Squad member!



“Pedro,” Giselle's heart-shaped lips moan, “The townspeople have been telling me about an elite main character that's got access to a secret dungeon.”


The geek speak does not jive with her beach babe looks, Pedro thinks.

“I don't know no secret dungeon,” rubbing his thin mustache, “I'm just a simple groundskeeper.”


“Uh-uh, Diana marked you as a quest giver. So tell me everything about the last time you went to the 99th degree.”


Sofi observes from her tree, not appreciating Giselle's Youtube Gaming interrogation techniques. Perhaps if she was trying to pry an exploit to NBA 2k out of Senor Gomez this might not be totally embarrassing. As it stands, it probably would be a good idea to chuck some fireballs at her head.

Pedro crosses his arms, “What type of shit is this?! If you know about the 99th degree, you know damn well you don't belong at 99th degree or near anyone who goes there, girl.”


This requires more hands on, top-off interrogation technique.


“Get in the damn barn, Pedro.”


Giselle's tone brooks no argument and neither do her repeated shoves. No less than five pushes launch the pompadour sporting Lothario to an empty barn. Dusty would be right at home with the straw floor, wooden cages, sun-lit illumination and plenty of room for Giselle to show Pedro she can turn up the heat well past 99 degrees.


“I don't know how you heard about the 99th Degree, but nothing you can do is ever gonna top the women at that club.”


“Ah-ha! You're totes in for it now. Name’s Giselle by the way!”


Noted. What's also noted is that Giselle has a thick and long tongue, a weapon she uses to hobble the cocky Latino as she forces it inside his mouth. Giselle is banging Pedro within his own mouth, showing him she has more than a little freak in her. She has fire. Pedro kisses back, not to be dominated, and their tongues interlock in a whirlwind. Giselle’s squeezable jugs press right up into a chest she's surprised to find is toned. Who knew shepherding equaled gains?

Giselle pulls away from their lip-lock, sizing up Pedro with a sneering type of passion.



“Oh, I get it. You mop up when the club closes.”

Her faux condescension is so believable that Pedro heaves off his shirt and lets a spare and hard physique speak his argument. It’s a long miserable moment Pedro has to wait, but Giselle gives him a kiss on the nipple for approval.

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