Touch Me by Adele Knight

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Avril has secretly wanted Luke for three long years, but he’s an egotistical player like her cheating ex. She’s determined to make him beg—but a seductive dance and a steamy cab ride push her to the brink of submission.

Luke know’s what Avril craves, and only he can give it to her. When he knocks on Avril’s Apartment door with an old boyfriend and promises to fulfill her most scandalous fantasies, Avril is impatient to start.

But the sight of two gorgeous men sends an uncomfortable feeling prickling up her spine. The fire boiling in her veins can’t be jealousy. She only wanted one thing from Luke, right...?

Avril wants to resist Luke’s charm, take what she wants, and walk away—but what if Luke doesn’t want to let her go?

Warnings: This story contains strong language, m/f sex, m/m sex, anal sex, public masturbation and voyeurism.
Word Count: 19,252




Luke panted, and his eyes darkened. The air swelled with something unspoken, and he sighed. It was almost as though he wanted me to tell William to go. Like he felt the same all-consuming need to possess me like I wanted to possess him.

I pressed my lips together and refused to give the words life. Tonight was about sex. Nothing more.

Luke blinked, and the air thinned, the moment gone. I slumped further into the wall and watched as he turned to William. Luke shoved both hands into William’s hair and forced their lips together.

It was hard and authoritative, almost punishing.

My thighs trembled in anticipation.

Luke tugged at his belt. The buckle clattered as he dragged the zipper down and dropped the jeans to his ankles. The sleek lines of his cock smacked against his stomach. The sound sent a shiver down my spine and fanned the embers simmering in my veins. I wanted to feel my body stretch around him again.

One palm curled around William’s shoulder and pushed, forcing him to his knees. Luke arched his brow at me, and a cocky smirk played at his lips. He enjoyed performing for me. The grin quickly morphed into an o.

I clutched a hand to my throat and dropped my eyes to William. His jaw popped open, and his throat bobbed, swallowing Luke’s throbbing length.

A pulse thumped deep in my core, igniting the fire and lashing my nipples. The aching buds tightened and strained against the silky fabric of my nightgown.

Luke folded both arms over his shoulders and ripped the shirt off. Biceps flexed and muscles bunched in his back. The lines of his body were clear and cut, muscles tight beneath his skin. I wanted to run my fingers over every dip and curve, imprint every line to memory and savor this night.

Luke slid his cock from William’s mouth and shuffled behind him. Both their shirts littered the floor, and William fumbled with the zipper on his jeans. His hands trembled like he was desperate for Luke’s cock. Like he knew exactly what it felt like to be impaled on it.

He did.

A strange feeling twisted in my gut and tightened in my chest. I pushed it away, not even daring to put a name to it.

Luke was completely naked. His ass clenched as he knelt behind William. His cock sat up hard and ready, glistening with saliva. Luke dug into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a foil packet. He ripped it open with his teeth. He pinched and rolled, covering his cock in the thin plastic. Luke turned to me, his hand gently caressing the smooth curve of William’s naked ass. “Is this what you want?”

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