Tease Me Prequel by Adele Knight

  • Written by: Adele Knight


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Avril Miller doesn’t date. She is content to spend Friday nights reading medical journals and planning her future as a Pediatrician. But when her best friend drags her to a local bar, a pair of seductive green eyes ignite a sudden fire in Avril’s veins.

Luke Reynolds looks capable of satisfying Avril enough in one night to last her until after graduation. That would be okay with her. Avril doesn’t want or need any distractions for the next two years.

Will Avril break all her rules for one night? Or will she find the release she is seeking in an unexpected way?


Find out how it all began in this Touch Me prequel.



My back was pressed against the wall. Mr. Capable’s biceps flexed by my shoulders, caging me in but I didn’t feel confined. His smile sent my chest into a flutter, and the heat from his body had my panties ready to ignite.


No. No. No. Strangers didn’t make naked appearances in my fantasies, and they certainly did not take me home. I needed to play it cool.

His green eyes floated across my face like he was tracing every line, memorizing every curve. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

The sound was smooth and melodic, like he should’ve been the one with the guitar in the corner, melting me from the inside out. My tongue felt fat, and every word from the English language seemed to evaporate from my mind. What was he asking?

“Avril!” My name bounced off my tongue in a surprised shout before I could control it.

I clamped my lips together and suppressed a groan. Way to play it cool, Avril. Well done.

He grinned down at me and waited.

What was he waiting for, a kiss? I was not going to kiss a stranger in the middle of a crowded bar.

One brow pulled up, and his grin widened like he was amused. “Luke.”

Heat prickled my neck and pooled in my cheeks. His name. Right.

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