CisterWife: A TransLesbian Romance by Jessica Mandella

  • Written by: Jessica Mandella

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CisGender is the opposite of TransGender.  The way some gays talk about opposite gender body parts makes me blush, not for terminology.  As an ally, I’m mortified by bigotry within our ranks.  One cister actually called me a ‘trag-hag’!  This story exposes CisGender bigotry.  I haven’t lost my taste for crazy hot, with happy endings.  Here’s a sweet lesbian romance about a girl who doesn’t happen to have a pussy.


Christy and I have finally entered the social scene again…a Welcoming and Affirming church.  She’s looking for a man.  I’m looking for a lesbian.  My wife of twenty-two years is now my BFF.  I came out to her as a TransGender lesbian two years ago.  She won’t touch me.  She’s tried.  Before we met she was raped by something that claimed to be a transgender lesbian.  When I came to terms with myself I came out to her.  Ever since, we can’t get intimate without her passing out.  She needs a man…a real man.  I love her enough to let her have him, whoever he is.  I hope and pray she loves me enough to let me have my lesbian lover, whoever she is.  Christy said she’s all for it.  Is she?  I don’t want to lose my BFF of twenty years.  I don’t ask for much in life, just a happy marriage of four people who deeply love and respect each other, two of whom we’ve not yet met.  Yeah.  I’m screwed. 


Music has only four genders: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.  All four make sweet music together.  I wish the world were like that.  Gay men hit on me.  I tell them I’m a TransLesbian.  They say I’m a phobic straight scamming on lesbians.  Would a sister treat me like that?  Only the one I love.



“Sandra, how did we get here?”


“I carried you, Ellie.  I’m stronger than you thought.  You’re softer than I thought.  I’m ready, El.  I’m ready to love you.”


“Are you sure, Sandra?  I’m not CisGender.  I don’t have a pussy.  Isn’t that what lesbians look for in a woman?”


“Don’t stereotype me Ellie.  What I look for in a woman is a woman’s heart.”


“I’m unworthy of you.  There should be a separate club for fellow TransGender lesbians to find each other, just so beautiful women like you don’t have to wade through all the dicks.”


“Why stop there, Ellie?  How about separate nightclubs just for white people and just for black people?  We could have separate churches, restaurants and bathrooms for each color, religion and nationality too!  Think of the possibilities!  Face it, Ellie.  You didn’t fall in love with someone like me.  You fell in love with me.”


“You were so anti Trans.  You used to spit at the mention, like we were all some cruel deception invented to break the back of women’s rights. ”


“You can’t tell anyone this, El.  Many Cis-Dykes think of TransGender Lesbians like those lying football player locker room rapists trying to get their hands on lesbian pussy.  We may talk about LGBT, but for us the T stands for token.  You’re the frozen microwave lobster a rat hole restaurant serves, so seeing lobster on the menu gives the illusion of a classy place.”


“Sandra please…” 


She charges on.  “We used to tell a joke.  What’s another name for a TransGender Lesbian?  A phobic straight watching girl-girl porn.  Yeah, the joke makes the rounds.  It’s not even funny.  It’s just cruel.  I was such a disgusting TransPhobic jock I told it too.  I’ve got a new joke for you.  What’s another name for a lesbian who hates TransGender women?  A male pattern brain damaged man with a pussy, who thinks he’s a dyke.”


“Please don’t say stuff like that, Sandra, you’re better than that.  Those sisters don’t know any better.  They still don’t sneak into showers and try to rape people.”


“No, Ellie.  We just hurt girls like you and make you give up on living.  Your roommates told me about your abusing E.  They said you weren’t even trying to get high.  You were hoping to win the lottery by dying.  That’s not right, bitch!  I’d eventually have come around and you wouldn’t be here anymore.  You gave your heart to me.  It’s mine, not yours.  You had no right to kill it.”


“So you did care.  Sandra, why wouldn't you believe I'm a woman?”


“I thought you were a gay man crying in my arms after coming out to your wife.  When you came out to me I thought you were a jock scamming lesbian pussy.  You had me questioning my orientation, young lady!”


“You needed to question it, Sandra.  You only wanted CisWomen with real pussies.  At first I had hope, then I got used to thinking all any lesbians want is pussies, not hearts.  I’m so sorry I wanted to die.  That was wrong of me.  Do you forgive me?”


“You’re unreal, Ellie.  My TransPhobia tries to take you out, using heartbreak as the murder weapon, and you’re asking me to forgive you.  You might as well be handing me a beer singing ‘Stand By Your Man’, while I leave a half disassembled bike engine in the tub, watch the game on TV and ignore you.  You’re so lipstick, my eyes are stained pink looking at you!”


“You make a girl blush, Sandra.”

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