Hot for the Holidays by Nadia Diament

  • Written by: Nadia Diament


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Never kiss your brother’s best friend—no matter how good he looks in a sweater.


Hannah learned that lesson the hard way when she threw herself at Mason during Thanksgiving and he didn’t respond. Not even a twitch of the lips. Her only saving grace is she doesn’t have to see him again…until she finds him standing in her mother’s kitchen on Christmas Eve. To her horror and her family’s joy, Mason is staying with them for the holidays. But things aren’t what they seem, and soon Hannah realizes some mistakes are worth repeating…over and over again.



As she took one step toward the door, Mason cleared his throat. Her eyes wary, she peered over at him.

His lips curled into a too-charming smile. “Forgetting something?”

Hannah blinked.

“A hug, Babs.” He gave her a feigned wounded frown. “I haven’t seen you since Thanksgiving.”

She hesitated. Was he goading her? Hannah shouldn’t be anywhere near him, much less hugging him. When she’d kissed him that night, he’d stayed as still as a statue. Finally, she’d taken the hint and pulled away. He’d just stared at her. Apparently she was that horrifying. So she’d done what any mature, responsible person would do— she’d darted out of the room. Over the course of the next few days, he’d sent her a few texts she’d tried in vain to ignore:

Uh, can we talk?

Are you going to tell me what that was about?

You can’t do something like that and duck out.

Too embarrassed to tell him she’d been lusting after him for years, she’d stymied the exchange by replying:

Had too much wine with my turkey, sorry. I was in the mood for a hook up, but hit up the wrong person.

Apparently the explanation satisfied him because he hadn’t texted back. He obviously wasn’t interested, and now he was making fun of her. Which was fine. The whole situation was embarrassing, so the sooner they got back to their usual joking around and simple conversation, the better. If she was going to get through this, she had to pretend everything was normal until he decided teasing her wasn’t fun anymore.

So she gave him her best winning smile and waved him on. “Of course, come here.”

Hannah expected something brief and clinical, maybe with an awkward pat on the back. Those were the hugs he usually gave her. He reserved sweet hugs for her mother, sturdy handshakes for her father, and back-slapping bear hugs for Mike. Suffice it to say, when he wrapped her in his arms and gave her a real hug, her breath left her. 

His arms squeezed around her, warming her back. His chest didn’t avoid hers in a weird convex hunch. No, it was pressed hard against her, the confrontation powerful and intoxicating. The weight of him surrounding her was glorious. Hannah breathed deeply, savoring the rich, marine scent of his deodorant. She nearly moaned. Pressing her hands against smooth, muscled plane of his back, she reveled in the feel of him and the soft, textured ridges of the sweater that fit him so goddamn well.

Mason angled his head down to whisper in her ear, “Miss me?”

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