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  • Written by: Delores Swallows


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When Janine allows Adam to talk her into visiting a casino to celebrate five years together, she never imagines that a night that starts with so much fun and flirting could end in such despair and debt. Adam doesn't just lose all the money they’d saved, he takes out credit they cannot afford to pay back.


​​They work extra hours and struggle for a month to save up enough for the first payment. Then, it appears, the casino manager has another way the struggling couple could make the interest payments.


Outraged, Janine immediately rejects the indecent proposal. ​But, despite the sleaziness of the suggestion, she’s flattered someone would be prepared to consider giving up that sort of money just for…​her, and the thought of allowing a complete stranger to use her body pushes buttons she didn’t know she had. 


And why does Adam seem so keen she should do it…?



“Adam, suppose the roles were reversed. Suppose we owed money to a woman, and she told you that you’d have to pay the interest by fucking her.”

He looked up, a sardonic smile on his face. “If she was ugly, I wouldn’t be able to get it up.”

She wondered if this was a dig at her for admitting she was always wet for Bromley. “Fancying her doesn’t come into it. You don’t get to choose who you fuck, but you have to make it work.”

He reached back to pick up his wine, took a sip and looked up at her. “So, what do I do?”

“You put a sexy thought in your head and pretend it’s somebody else.”

Adam’s eyes widened.

In truth, Janine hadn’t actually needed to use this ploy. This was partly because she’d come to find Bromley attractive, but mostly because she liked the idea of giving herself to somebody who just wanted to fuck her. She hadn’t found Tony attractive, but she’d still enjoyed sucking and fucking him.

Adam cleared his throat. “So, you’re saying if the roles were reversed, all I’d have to do is think of something sexy to get it up?”

She shook her head. “No, it’s easy for men—you could just take Viagra. But the point I’m making is, once you’re fucking her, would you be able to prevent yourself from coming?”

He frowned, started to answer, but hesitated. “Are you saying you couldn’t prevent yourself from coming with Bromley?”

She shrugged. “It’s pretty difficult not to feel anything when there’s a man shagging you.”

This was obviously something he hadn’t considered.

Janine picked up her glass and took a sip. “So, in our example of reversed roles, you’re lying on a bed with the woman you owe money to.”

Adam’s eyes were focused on hers.

“You don’t really fancy her, but you have your cock buried deep inside her. You remind yourself you’re only doing it for the money. You don’t want to fuck her, but it’s a warm, wet hole you’re sliding in and out of. She’s lying there, watching you, enjoying your cock. You see her pant, see her eyes flutter, hear her groan. You feel her tighten around you when she comes…”

Adam waited, his mouth open.

Janine took another sip of wine and smiled. “I think you’d blow your load. You might not fancy her. You may even resent her for what she’s making you do, but at the end of the day, your cock feels good inside her.”

“Bromley’s cock feels good inside you?” There was no accusation in his tone.

“Yeah, it feels really good. When he pushes it into me over and over, I close my eyes and I ride his cock. I take whatever pleasure I can get from it.”

Adam nodded slowly. “Is it as good as you’d hoped?” His voice was quieter.

“Is what as good as I’d hoped?”

“Letting a stranger use your body.”

She considered lying but decided against it. “Yes.”

He was silent for a few seconds, then took another gulp of wine.

“What about for you?” She leaned forwards to look into his face. “Is it as good for you as you’d hoped?”

The question had obviously made him uncomfortable. “I don’t know. Sometimes I like the thought of parts of it.”

“What parts do you like to think about?” She smiled flirtatiously, coaxing him to reveal his secrets.

“I like the idea of his cock entering you, and that’s when I try to imagine your expression.”

“Do you like to imagine my expression when I come?”

He frowned, bit his lip. “Maybe…”

“What about my expression when he comes. Do you like to think about me staring into his eyes as he climaxes?”

Adam grimaced. “I don’t think about that part.”

“Think about it now. Think about everything that happens when Bromley’s fucking me. Does it turn you on?”

Adam looked down at her feet again.

She smiled. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

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