Compulsion by M. Millswan

  • Written by: M. Millswan


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A young French girl, as mysterious as she is sultry and her oh-so cute coconspirator ensnare an older man in a web of desire and deceit, seduction and blackmail, fate and forbidden passion.  As inescapable as destiny itself, from the moment Jeannette and Helen set their sights upon Lee, there will be no compassion, no mercy; he’s doomed, his fate is sealed.  At some point in their lives, many men have fantasized about becoming the object of desire for two beautiful, young girls.  Yet, stand forewarned, because that what you wish for may turn out to be something quite different than that what you receive.  As rich in emotion as a timeless Greek tragedy, and as fiery and passionate as permitted by law, for one man and two young girls what the delicate strings of fate hold in store for them will be all they can wish for … and perhaps … beyond.  When his boss' daughter, and her new French friend, lure Lee into their bedroom, they reveal much more than their passion for each other.  A few days after this electrifying and heart-pounding encounter, Jeannette appears at Lee’s office, and cornering him behind his desk, she gives him an impromptu lesson in just how high a French girl will wear her skirt when she wishes to entice the man she desires.  The more Lee tries to avoid his fate, the more he seals his destiny as gain and again, this beautiful, young French girl, with the pale complexion and ebon hair appears with her blonde, baby-doll co-conspirator, offering their youthful charms in an attempt to draw him deeper and deeper into their web of ardor and intrigue.  A tale of seduction and fate, plotting and passion, driven by the fires of forbidden love.





The two girls were so intent upon their passion; Lee couldn't help but feel mesmerized by the erotic nature of the scene they presented.  If either girl noticed the bathroom door opening and Lee walking out, they didn’t show it, and as he continued to watch, little by little he became aware of details.  They were holding hands palm–to–palm and had their fingers laced together.  Jeannette's nail polish was scarlet, and Helen's was pink.  Maybe it was that the bedroom was somewhat small, and the door closed, but there was an unmistakable sense of a steaminess in the air, along with a scent of something a bit musky, yet sweetly feminine, too.  With how closely they held their lips pressed together and the way they moved their heads, Lee couldn't help but imagine both girls were thoroughly enjoying the delicate interplay of each other's tongue.

Completely lost in each other, the girls continued to pay the man watching them no heed whatsoever, concentrating instead solely upon their pleasure.  Cast in silhouette up on the wall behind them, the girl's bodies formed an alluring pair of shadows joined at the lips.  Illuminated by the lamp on the nightstand to the side of the bed, Helen’s silky nightie teetered on the verge of going translucent, and though Lee couldn’t actually see her breasts through the fabric, their softly rounded outlines, along with the stiff tips of her nipples were clearly visible in the form of her shadow.  Embarrassed to realize he was looking at what he was looking at, his gaze focused upon an art poster just above the girls’ silhouette promoting an event at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Perhaps it was a coincidence, yet perhaps not; as the poster was an artistic rendering in watercolor of a pair of embracing nude female figures.  Below the erotic illustration were the dates and times to attend readings of the lyric poems of Sappho from the Isle of Lesbos. 

Though at first stunned by the unbelievable scene taking place before his eyes, it wasn’t long before the awkward reality of his situation came flooding back to him, and Lee knew he couldn't just keep standing here and watching.  Embarrassed as much as flustered, he put his fist to his mouth and broke the silence with a nervous cough.

He expected the girls to immediately break off their kiss, and perhaps even jump up off the bed.  Yet, they did no such thing.  Continuing to kiss just a little while longer, when Jeannette lightly withdrew her lips from Helen’s, neither girl displayed any sign of shame or self–consciousness.  Jeannette’s eyes fluttered open, and a moment later she smiled up at Lee.  "Oh!”  Her cry was as pleased as if she had just discovered where she put her cellphone.  “So there you are.  I would hope you are feeling much relieved.  You are, are you not, mon amour?"

If Lee’s throat had gone dry after Jeannette closed him in her bedroom, now it was positively parched.  "Uh … Uh … yes," he stammered.  "Yes, uh, much better, thank you.  I … I … I think perhaps I'd best be going."

"Please don't be in such a terrible hurry to leave us."  Though her china doll cheeks blazed with an impassioned flush, as Jeannette showed him her sweet smile, she appeared focused and as cool and composed as a cube of ice.  "The night is young…" Within those deep, dark eyes, a fire as alluring as it was frightening simmered and sparkled.  "…and so are we."

Lee's thumping heart slipped up into his throat.  It wasn't so much what she'd just said or even how she'd said it.  It was that flash in her eyes.  Almost as distressing was Helen.  Her lips were so red, and the heat from making out with her friend had flushed her cheeks to such a rosy pink, they matched her fingernails.  Sitting up on the bed in her baby doll nightie, Lee could clearly see the tips of each of Helen’s nipples standing up and pressing as stiff as stiff could be into the gauzy fabric.  Though Jeannette's eyes and smile displayed a cat–that–ate–the–canary air of self–satisfaction, Helen appeared breathless and impassioned, leaving Lee absolutely stunned.

Possibly in response to his nearly catatonic state, both girls shared quick glances with each other, and in this moment, it appeared words were not necessary for them to convey what they were thinking.  Whatever it was that passed between them, it was Helen who came to life.  Lightly unfolding her legs and getting up from the bed she came sauntering over, stepping up so close to Lee, he faded away from her until his back pressed firmly up against the wall.

Now that Helen was up off the bed, Lee could see the almost sheer material and low cut of her nightie was more suitable for a saucy French negligee than any conservative nightdress for a modest, young lady.  Adding an even more adult touch to her baby doll nightie was the fluffy, faux fur trim running all the way around the plunging neckline, open armholes, and the bell–like bottom hem of the top.  With Helen now illuminated from the back and the side by the light of the lamps on the nightstand and the dresser, as Lee peered down at the girl standing before him, the shadowy silhouette of her body visible beneath the gauzy fabric left him with no doubt but that she wasn't wearing anything at all underneath.

Cornered and with his back to the wall, Lee's heart was pounding up in his throat.

Helen moved in even closer, and displaying what appeared to be a sincere expression of concern for the man standing petrified before her, she placed one hand lightly upon Lee’s chest.  Now almost toe–to–toe, she took his tie in her fingers and reached up with the other hand as if to brush her fingers down his cheek.  Taking in a deep breath and then pursing those rosy–red lips, a tremble in her voice revealed she might be almost as nervous as the man she held pinned to the wall.  "Are you feeling okay?”  She had to swallow dryly before adding, “You look like you might have a fever."

When Lee didn’t answer, as if seeking support, Helen cast a quick glance back to Jeannette.  She responded with a nod, and when Helen looked back up to Lee, she hesitated, then cleared her voice before asking in a hush, "Perhaps it would be best if you were to loosen your tie, take off your jacket and come sit down on the bed with us for a little while?"

Jeannette drew her knees up under her, and rising up, she patted the bed invitingly.  All the while keeping those dark eyes of hers trained upon Lee, she offered, "No need to be shy.  There's plenty of room for all three of us."

Perhaps because Lee appeared paralyzed, Helen had grown emboldened.  Pressing in even closer, the fingers of her right hand now toyed with the fabric of his tie as her left hand came to rest upon his shoulder.  "Yes … stay with us for a little while."  In the heavy silence draping the room, her sweet, young voice sounded trembly and hushed.  "Maybe?”  She paused, either bolstering her courage or purposely allowing the tension to build.  “Maybe you could tell us a bedtime story?"

As Lee peered helplessly down into Helen's eyes, a moment of truth came over him that seemed to hang suspended in time.  She was so close upon him; it was as if he could feel the heat from her body radiating through the thin fabric of her nightie.  The stiff points of her nipples were clearly visible as he looked down to her fingers stroking his silk tie.  Experiencing an even deeper flash of stark reality while looking down, Lee could see past the fuzzy fringe of the hem of her nightie, all the way down to her bare feet on the carpet with her girlishly pink toenails.

"And if you think that perhaps we've been a bit naughty," Jeannette’s coy, French accent flowed as smoothly as warm honey, "we’d be only too happy to allow you to give us both a little spanking.  You know, just so that we remember to be good girls.”  Again, she patted the bed.  "Come.  Sit down right here next to me, and then I’ll have Mel come over and bend herself down over your knee."  Jeannette winked to her friend.  "She was so very naughty earlier when she told me what she'd like you to do with her.  So you really must come join me on the bed, and after you’ve spanked her properly, you can have your way with her however you please."

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