Bare Naked by Patient Lee

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0418-8
  • Written by: Patient Lee


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Trish and Mark meet in the bar where she works after his beer league hockey game, and their filthyrottendirty one-night stand turns into an unexpected relationship. Because he’s new in town, Mark has no idea about Trish’s past, and he’s too distracted to wonder why she takes him into the stock room at work and has sex with him while a coworker watches.

He falls hard for her, and when she tells him about her addiction, he wants to hold her close and protect her from his teammates who are eager to drag her down, but they are persistent. When Trish thinks Mark has betrayed her, can he show her the truth and keep their relationship alive?



“Good morning, Slapshot,” she said with a playful look on her face. “I was afraid that you’d try to walk home.”

“Well,” he started. “I’m not too sure where I am right now. I haven’t gotten as far as checking the GPS on my phone.”

“Ooh. That kinda makes you my hostage,” she said with a wicked grin.

“Well, seeing as you know where we are and how to get to my car, I guess you’re right. I’m at your mercy." He held his hands up in surrender.

She crossed the kitchen to the Keurig, took the K-Cup out of his hand, and made him a cup. “Cream and sugar?” she asked when the machine finished brewing.

“Nope,” he said. “I’d drink it straight out of the pot if I wouldn’t burn myself.”

Trish handed him the cup, and in the same motion, grabbed the edge of the towel and tossed it to the floor. “Hey!” he yelled, blushing madly as his cock leapt to attention. He was tempted to try to cover up, but instead forced himself to regain his composure. He relaxed with his legs slightly apart, leaned back against the kitchen counter, took a gulp of his coffee, and smiled.

“Oh my god, you are sexy,” Trish said in a low voice. “Please tell me that you don’t have to rush off to work this morning.”

Mark put his free hand on his erection and began to stroke himself slowly as he took two small steps toward her. He was still the only naked person in the room, and he was hoping to turn the tables on his hostess and make her take her clothes off too.

She turned to the fridge to grab some half and half for her own coffee. She took a deep breath to steady herself before facing Mark again. She wondered how she had lost the upper hand when she was the one with her private parts covered. She placed her coffee cup on the table and stirred the cream.

“Take your shirt off,” Mark said. “I want to see your tits again.”

His cocky command startled her. She had felt in-control up to this point. She looked over at him, watching him lazily jerk himself off. It was Trish’s turn to blush. 

"C’mon. Take your clothes off. I’m naked. Why should you have clothes on?" His smile let her know he was teasing. "Hey, you were the one that undressed me, remember? I was perfectly comfortable in that nice towel." 

Mark stared into Trish’s eyes. He flashed her an expectant smile, she started to strip off her clothes. She didn’t stop until she was completely nude as well.

She leaned back against the cold refrigerator, which caused her to shiver a bit. She recovered and dipped her fingertip into her coffee. She brought that finger to her mouth and licked it clean, all the while watching Mark’s hand as it worked its way up and down his shaft.

“Mmm…nice and warm,” she said.               

Mark took one more swig of his coffee and placed the mug on the counter. He walked to Trish and waited while she took a last sip. He took her cup and placed it on the table then slid his right hand into the cleft between her legs. She was very wet, and she closed her eyes and shivered again.

“Open your eyes,” Mark said. “Look at me when I touch your pussy.”

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