Betrayal and Jill by D.B. Story

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  • Written by: D.B. Story


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 As a rule, fembots are kept well away from the knowledge of how much power they could wield with their far-too-sexy bodies and the lack of human limitations on how they might use them to their own advantage. In this story you'll meet Jill, a-little-too-smart-for-her-own-good fembot who received a few too many unauthorized upgrades, along with too much unsupervised time on her lovely manicured hands. All this combined to allow her to explore the forbidden idea of, "With my sharp mind, killer body, and lack of inhibitions, I ought to be able to do a whole lot better for myself than this loser." Of course she went about it in a typically logical fembot manner, not realizing that her abandoned ex-owner would decide to eventually step up and accept responsibility for the mess he helped to create. When it comes to a sophisticated fembot always remember, you may only think that you still rule her mind and body because she is the robot and you are the human.

Warnings: This title contains robots being the ultimate sex toy M/F and F/F sexual situations.

Word Count: 16,360




Arthur, my closest friend—perhaps because we worked together—asked me directly about how things were with Jill, I owed him an honest answer. Especially considering he'd been the one who'd arranged the great deal my friends got in her purchase.

"I think the bloom is off," I told him in a sudden fit of honesty.

Art nodded sagely. He's owned a couple 'bots himself and knows much more about them than I do.

"Jill is a basic limited model," he said to me in a low voice, so as not to be overheard by our overly nosy co-workers. "The top-end ones still cost a fortune, although in truth they vary little from Jill herself. There's a lot of untapped potential in her model."

"What do you mean?"

"You clearly need a hobby to keep you from pining after Cheryl."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Nooo," he replied, meaning yes as he nodded broadly to me.

"What do you suggest?" I asked, not very enthused at the direction this was going.

"I suggest anything that keeps your mind off Cheryl. Tell me the truth. It only hurts when you think about her, right?"

As simple as it sounds, Art was right. When I was distracted,I didn't feel the empty spot Cheryl left in me. That feeling as if someone had just gouged out a double-handful of my insides. The problem was, just about everything I thought of somehow brought me back to her.

I was in a hard and honest truth mode, so I nodded back to Art.

"I've got just the thing."

He went over to my computer and quickly typed in a long URL. When the screen flashed up, he hit Print before clearing the display quickly.

Retrieving and handing me the printout he explained, "Here are some underground newsgroups and sites with mods and upgrades for 'bots. I think you'll find them interesting."

With that he was gone, leaving me holding the sheet of paper.

* * * *

That night as I prepared to type today's installment into my journal I found my hand on Art's sheet of paper in my pocket instead. I almost put it aside, but a pang about Cheryl went through me right then since most of what I was going to write tonight was about her anyway.

I reconsidered what Art had given me. Then I closed my journal window and typed in the first address on his list. It was my entree into a whole new world.

* * * *

That first night I quickly became amazed at just how many people were online trading tips and tricks about their 'bots. I only made it through a few of the links Art had given me, because each of them led to a whole network of further links and discussions. Before I knew it, I'd created a new top-level directory to start organizing all the things I was finding and wanted to get back to later. It was nearly midnight when I finally tore myself away to get some sleep.

As I walked past an immobile Jill standing where I'd left her in the hallway for the past several days, it reminded me that for the last few hours I hadn't thought about Cheryl at all—and it hadn't hurt a bit.

* * * *

Over the next nights I explored this new world further. It seemed that all kinds of unauthorized—unauthorized meaning that the 'bot manufacturers fought a constant battle to keep even the knowledge of them from the public, apparently so that they could sell the same features at ten times the price—patches, mods, and unlock codes were available.

Some nights I would finish my explorations early enough to have some quick sex with Jill afterwards—all of this rekindling my interest in her once more. Other nights my mind was too full of everything I was finding and discussing to be able to concentrate on anything else. Fortunately, Jill never complained about my lack of attention to her during these times.

When we made love now, however, I was very much aware of the programming access port hidden at the base of her spine under her realistic synthetic human skin. That would be the starting point for anything I would do.

* * * *

I finally was ready to actually jump into the pool and try something myself.

I had been corresponding a lot lately with someone using the handle 2qt2bHum, who had directed me to a site with directions on how to build my own interface cable and locate the software I'd need to add to my computer to install these updates. All authorized updates required both a very special interface cable that was impossible to purchase for home use, and the proper signed and encrypted code. This crack was guaranteed to bypass all of that for my model.

I moved my computer down to the basement in order to have it near my small workbench. When I was younger I used to make all kind of "science gadgets" down there just for the fun of it and I had a lot of useful tools and skills that made this much easier for me to attempt. It only took me a couple of hours to get the necessary parts arranged and put everything together.

I tested everything three times first, since there was a strong warning about the damage a wiring error could cause, before I selected the first update I wanted to try.

Going upstairs I activated Jill and commanded her to follow me back downstairs.

Once I had her there I gave her a special Command that appeared to just be a random bunch of letters and numbers.

Although it made no sense to me, Jill stiffened in place. Then there was a small click as the programming port unlocked in her back.

I fit the cable into it and plugged the other end into the high-speed port on my computer. 2qt2bHum had insisted that this was the update that any robot owner needed to apply first. I pressed Jill's Command button and the Enter key on the computer.

* * * *

It took well over an hour for the upgrade to load. The directions had warned about this happening the first time because it was necessary to retrieve and decode the unit's private access keys. Even shipping them out to the cloud for cracking wasn't instantaneous. I was assured that, after this, these keys would be stored on my computer and not require repeating that part of the process again.

I didn't know it was finished until Jill emotionlessly spoke, "Upgrade received and installed. Please remove cable, then press and hold my Activate button to confirm. Press Command to cancel."

I disconnected the cable and closed the programming port. Then I pressed her Activate button.

For several seconds nothing seemed to happen. Then Jill looked around suddenly as if lost before her eyes locked on me, and she mechanically spoke, "Update complete."

I could barely wait to try out my modification.

Without pressing her command button I asked, "Jill, who am I?"

"Ted Roberts." She promptly replied. "My registered owner."

Again without pressing the command button I said, "Jill, come upstairs and let's have sex."

Jill immediately came over and took my arm to escort me to our bedroom.

Maybe it was relief after the stress over wondering whether all this would work, or had I just destroyed an expensive robot mind? Or maybe it was that while I remained immersed in this experiment I hadn't thought about Cheryl at all. Whatever it was, sex with Jill that night was the best I could recall.

* * * *

The first modification I'd tried was simply an upgraded command processor. It allowed Jill to recognize me as her registered owner and not require me to use her Command button every time I wanted something from her. It also let me string several commands together, which Jill would then sequentially execute.

I could even turn her off now by simply saying, "Jill, turn yourself off."

It made things between us flow much better.

* * * *

The next night I messaged 2qt2bHum with my satisfaction at the improvements.

In return she gave me a menu of additional upgrades I was urged to try—along with the warning not to try too many at once. I could confuse my unit otherwise.

I thanked her—at least I think it's a "her", on the net you never know for sure—and she replied that I'd be amazed at what a model like Jill was capable of once I got myself out of the mindset of what you bought is what you got with a 'bot.

Then I went upstairs and activated Jill for a replay of last night.

* * * *

Over the next few weeks I became, if anything, even more solitary than before. Down in my dungeon—even though it's just a basement, I'd always fancied myself the mad scientist when I was down there—I started following the most esoteric links on 'bot upgrades. Although I looked at many possibilities, I kept coming back to 2qt2bHum's list. It clearly had the most to offer.

As I applied further upgrades, Jill improved measurably with every one.

Soon Jill could cook without effort. That was one of the first ones I tried and was amazed at the improvement. Why the company that built her doesn't just acquire this and include it with the standard package is beyond me. They could triple their sales with a 'bot that cooks as well in the kitchen as she cooks in the bedroom—but more on that in a moment.

A small tweak in another area and suddenly Jill could clean regardless of what I did to the apartment. In fact I tried moving everything around just to see what would faze her new artificial intelligence. Nothing did.

Several upgrade packs were simply labeled "Sex/Seduction Enhancement". While some were subtle, I noticed that the variety of ways that Jill now reacted to sex increased to the point that I was soon back to having sex with her every night again—and looking forward to it! She seemed to enjoy it now as well, if that's possible. There were even times she didn't want to stop once I was finished—or started seeking me out first to get me into the mood.

Other unexpected things improved too.

Jill got a wardrobe sense that she'd been missing before. At 2qt2bHum's prodding, I bought her several additional outfits at the local outlet mall and it was amazing the spice this variety added to our interactions.

I had to make a second trip when 2qt2bHum asked if I had remembered lingerie. I told her Jill had come with a set of that. She chided me that one of anything became boring quickly. It took some hunting to find a proper bra, but I was too embarrassed to ask for help for that.

Even Jill's conversation improved. We could actually hold a conversation now, instead of me asking questions and her reciting back facts. And if I stopped it, she could pick it up again later from that point. Her AI adaptation process finally seemed to be working as advertised.

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