Permission by Jessica Mandella

  • Written by: Jessica Mandella


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Could you love her enough to let him give her what she never gave you?


What if her entire affair, from seed to full blossom, were completely by

permission...even watched?  Is true intimacy sex?  Or is it unselfish love,

heartfelt in meetings of minds?  Can two husbands of one wife be best

friends? Can they love each other as dearly as the one wife they share?

Can the one taken become the one given, simply by giving permission?

Can the broken and wounded find healing in learning they have value?



Beth takes his hands.  “When we go through with this, you won't be my one and only husband any more.  You’ll be one member of my harem.  Forever.”  He's needed such passion from her for so long, he desperately drinks all her words.  She purrs.  “You know why this pussy is so wet?  I've been fantasizing about your best friend.  Come taste what my desire for him does to me.  Taste these juices of desperate longing for his manhood filling me.”


She's taking him to a place where nothing matters but this erotic force that’s its own punishment and its own reward.  “Some day you'll see his massive cock taking me from behind as you suck on my clit.  When he comes inside me, we won't let you stop.  You'll suck everything we can pour out into your thirsty mouth.  Is that what you want out of life with your best friend and your beautiful wife?  Are you thirsty to taste all the sweet juices we can make for each other?  Are you desperate to suck, savor, drink down and swallow every last drop of our drooling, squirting, passionate, hot wet sex?”


“Hot wet love!”  Jim shouts, as he flings himself to lap at her sopping need for that other man.  Her need must be agony.  So is His.  Jim's head is spinning.  He doesn't know which he needs more, to come inside his own wife or to see that young man in the other room penetrating her, coming inside her, splashing her womb with his hot potent seed.


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