Middlesex by Jessica Mandella

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Is there life before the afterlife?  As an ultra-geeked-out hermaphrodite researching my kind, I’ve downloaded so much from heaven’s library!  Middlesex persons are more common than science has taught.  My rainbow church embraces them.

For centuries it was a naughty secret.  Husbands embraced their wives’ extra features in silence.  Once America imported the Nazi medical science, fashions became less modest, especially in swimming apparel.

How many Middlesex babies perished?  How many were experiments like me?  Born Middlesex, they closed me up and sent me home as a ‘normal’ boy.  Each time I acted like a sissy, Dad gave me shock treatment and typed up a report.

The Human Servo-Adaptability Gene lets our minds control the body’s development. 

Since reading the research, my body has reacted to this truth.  My ovaries are no longer dormant.  I’m Middlesex.  My best friend Colonel Karl flew us up to this secret base.  My wife can’t handle my boobs.  I’m a single futa hottie now, with growing super powers.

Colonel Karl and our Middlesex friend Chris haven’t left my suite for weeks.  It’s like they live here now.



Carla gets it.  “The nearer our ascension looms, the less effect true gender resonance has on probabilistic genetic selection and recombinance.  The chaos of quantum flux often mixes or inverts it.  Some of us are born both, and some are born opposite.  That’s why TransGender and Middlesex are on the rise.”


* * * *


Gwen responds.  “You still look like a man, but you’re quickly becoming a woman too.  Good-bye, Penn.  I’ll remember you fondly.  I can be sisters with Penny, but I’m not a lesbian.  I can’t even do Middlesex like you.  You’re free to marry another.”


And with that, Gwen touches her watch and vanishes.  When Chris vanished, she didn’t need to use a watch.  Maybe I won’t either.


* * * *


I’d love to give myself to Karl and Chris, but only if they love each other too.  If I’m the center of a V, it’ll never work.  It has to be a full triangle. 


Chris shares.  “Karl and I have a confession to make.  We’re cheating on you.”


I’m suspicious.  “I’d like to believe that.  I’ve been hurt before and I have serious trust issues.  You claim you’re having an affair, but how do I know you’re not being faithful to me behind my back?  How do I know you’re not leading me on with some elaborate deception to hide your purity from me?  I wish I could be certain you’re hooking up, but it’ll take me a while to trust that you’re really shagging.  After all I’ve been through, it’s just too good to be true.”


Karl tries to assure me.  “I know it’s only words.  Why should you believe us?  I’m sorry we saved ourselves for you before, and that must have destroyed your trust.  Please believe me.  We’ve learned our lesson, and we’re committed to staying unfaithful to you now.  What can we do to convince you that we’ll always be cheating on you together?”


Chris tries the counter attack.  “I’ve never given you any reason to suspect I’d ever be true to you.  How dare you accuse me of fidelity?  I thought you knew me.  I don’t know whether I’m more insulted or more heartbroken.  Why won’t you believe I’m the kind of slut who’d open her legs to Karl first chance I got?  How can I know you really love me, if you’re not willing to believe I’m the kind of cheap whoring bimbo I say I am?”


We can’t hold out any longer, and bust up laughing.  After we’re all laughed out, I ask the serious question.  “You know I love you both.  Are you two really together, or is this your only way to score with me?”

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