Cadets: Three Complete Novels - Commander James Bondage

  • Written by: Commander James Bondage


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Cadets collects the entire series in one volume. The stories take place in an alternate United States run by the military. In this history, women have been excluded from military service until the early 21st Century. Under a new Chief of the General Staff, a National Women’s Military Academy is established to train female officers. But there is a catch: at the NWMA, in addition to military training, the cadets are trained to sexually service the generals they will be assigned to. This training consists of bondage, whippings, and intercourse, with their officer instructors by way of preparation for their careers as "personal aides".

Part One follows eighteen year-old Robin Bransom, her friend Jodie Lawrence and the other unfortunate young women trapped in this nightmarish military school.

In Part Two, the Academy expands, and more women, including Robin's sister, Merry, unwittingly sign up for the NWMA, and are cruel trained and abused.

In Part Three, NWMA graduate Jodie Lawrence is about to become the nation's top soldier, when she is arrested on false charges. Jodie, and her friends undergo increasingly harrowing adventures, as they run for their lives while trying to stop a coup d'etat by mysterious enemies.

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