The Unnamed by Diana Woolf

  • Written by: Diana Woolf


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A member of a conquered species frees his Life Mate from the compound where they are kept. As punishment, his captors strip him of his wings and his name, then gift him to four female trainers as a breeding slave, and force him to build weapons to destroy more of his kind. He’s ready to take his own life when he discovers that his mate may never have made it to freedom. When offered a sordid deal for information, he discovers he would endure any depravity to find her.



He gouges the control panel with his claws. Severed wires and components spark. He looks up from the wreckage to the glowing, transparent orange wall buzzing with constant motion and the winged silhouette behind it. “Don’t look back, my love.”

“You said you’d be on this side with me. That’s what you promised. Don’t you dare break your vow!”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know if it would allow more than two lifeforms to pass. I couldn’t risk--”

“Don’t do this! You open this door now, because I’m not leaving this place without you!”

“I know. And that’s why I have to—”


“I’m so--”

Her black eyes shrink to pinpricks in the whites. “Wh--what?” She blinks, shakes her head with a snort, and then falls to the ground on the other side of the glowing orange wall.


“Where…” She struggles to rise.


She frowns and squints to study his face past the orange buzzing between them.

“Please, get up” the male shouts, voice ragged with panic. You have to run now!”

The sound of metal seals releasing come from multiple directions and armed humans pour out. The female stumbles to her feet.

“Run!” The male screams in panic, wet gray eyes wide and wild. “Please Carra, run!”

The female stares at him in a daze before the sounds of rapidly approaching boots and gun fire begin. She turns and sprints, running faster than the approaching humans, claws kicking up dust from the parched ground, weaving between edges of silver walls to dodge gunfire.

The male watches her disappear, tears streaming down his cheeks, a sob caught in his throat and his face crumpled in grief. Behind him armed men slowly fill the room. His skin prickles unpleasantly from their presence.

“Step away from the panel, creature.”

The male closes his eyes and steps back. He raises his hands slowly over his head, bracing to be shot. Instead, the human marches forward and delivers a vicious blow to his head with the butt of his gun and he falls to his knees, then forward and into darkness.

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