By Judicial Decree 3: Criminal Law by Commander James Bondage

  • Written by: Commander James Bondage


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In a world where a miscarriage of justice can result in a sentence of judicial enslavement, an innocent young woman could be stripped of her citizenship and sold as a sex toy to the highest bidder.
Kelly was  the first female inspector in the history of the Constable's office, and practically the only honest one on the force. When she threatened to take the story of  rampant graft to the press, she had to be silenced. If that meant framing her for crimes she had never committed and reducing her to slavery, well, that was her tough luck.

Faith was a trusting, innocent preacher's daughter, proud to be the president of her father's charitable foundation for retired Believers. How was she to know the foundation was a scam and her father a crook, until he fled and she was left holding the bag, to be punished for his crimes with enslavement?

As if their luck hadn't been bad enough already, there was worse in store for the two women, after slave agent Quentin Scales buys them for his senior partner, Caine, who will make Faith and Kelly suffer cruelly simply because they are young and beautiful. 





A Very Realistic Movie

Caine had been the president of Titan Pictures for a decade before he left to build his private fortune. Since his retirement, he had started a film studio on the grounds of his estate, initially as a kind of hobby. But, as with almost every business enterprise Caine turned his hand to, the high quality bondage films he produced made his hobby, Mastery Studios by name, a major financial success. His star player, Olivia Addison, billed in Caine productions as the Society Slut, was big box office from coast to coast.

Faith had been prepared by a pair of Caine's ubiquitous servant girls, who had appeared in her room before first light. The servants bathed her, then carefully plucked every one of her sparse blonde pubic hairs with tweezers before dressing her in her costume.

When they were done, she looked herself over in a floor-length mirror. She wore a white button-down blouse closed at the neck with a little green bow, a blue and green plaid skirt that fell to halfway between her knees and the ground, white knee socks, brown loafers, white cotton panties and a plain white brassiere. Her hair was gathered in a long pony tail, and a white hairband circled her head just above her ears. In short, Faith now bore an excellent resemblance to a seventh-grader at the Academy of Glawen the Glorious, where she had gone to school.

She was brought in a car to a part of the estate she had never seen before. The destination was  the sound stage, a huge building the size of an airship hangar. People were bustling in and out of the building, carrying lights, trundling along huge cameras and busily moving other equipment she did not recognize. Standing by a small side door, flanked two cameramen, was Caine.

Without so much as a "Good morning," Caine ordered Faith approach him to be inspected. Caine carefully looked her up and down, then made her turn to give him a look at her back. Finally he ordered her to drop her panties and lift up her skirt to display her bare pubic delta to him and the other men in a humiliating display.

"Well, what do you think?" Caine asked  the two men, as Faith obediently continued to hold up her skirt with her panties around her ankles, exposing her hairless sex and naked thighs to Caine and the strange men. Her pale complexion slowly darkened as she blushed in humiliation. "Will she pass?"

"Boss," one of them men answered, "just make sure you have her papers handy, in case you have to prove she's twenty-one."

The other man said, "The only possible problem I can see is that she may look too young for the character."

She felt the hot lights on her flesh again, and heard the now familiar soft whirring of film feeding through the cameras.

"Quiet on the set!" someone yelled. "Scene six, take one!" Then Caine's commanding deep tones saying "Action!"

She heard the tread of heavy feet, then a gravelly voice she had not heard before snarled, "What’s the matter with your old man, bitch? Doesn't he want his sweet little daughter back?" Faith guessed it was the actor playing the gang leader.

This was followed an instant later by a heavy blow on her cheek. The slap knocked her head to one side, and made colored lights explode in her head. She screamed.

"No, please, don't…" her pleas were cut short by a blow to the other side of her face, this one even harder than the first. She cried out in fear and pain.

"Shut up, cunt," the voice ordered. "Somebody shut the bitch up."

There was a shuffling of feet, then something big and soft was stuffed into her mouth and secured in place with a knotted handkerchief.

The slapping and consequent violent wrenching of Faith's body had caused her blouse to fall away on either side of her body, exposing her bare midsection and outthrust breasts. She trembled in her bonds, blind and immobilized, helplessly waiting for whatever Caine had decided should happen to her.

"I'm beginning to think the old man's not going to pay up at all," the gang leader said. "But I bet we can find somebody to give us good money for virgin cunt, especially a little rich bitch like this one."

Suddenly she felt fingers fasten on her nipples. Her nubs were squeezed and twisted until she writhed like an animal. "What do you think, little cunt?" the man asked as he twisted her tender pink nipples cruelly, until Faith thought that they would be torn from her body. "Would you like to be sold to some sheik for his harem?"

"She's worth plenty, I’ll bet!" said one of the men, while another asked, "Great idea, boss, but couldn't we try her out just a little before we sell her?”

The pressure on her nipples was released, and Faith, who had been pulled clear of the frame by the man, flopped back down again. "Sure, why not?" the gang leader responded. "As long as we make sure she still has her cherry, we can have some fun with the bitch. Get her off of this thing, and we can start the party."  

Faith felt hands moving over her bonds, releasing her wrists and ankles, and pulling her to her feet. Her clothing was snatched away as her hands were held behind her back. In a moment, she was naked except for the knee socks.

Her mind whirled with fear and confusion. She wondered what exactly what they (or rather Caine) intended to do to her. She had a premonition it would be something new and terrible. She wept and mumbled, begging them not to hurt her. Hard hands moved over her silken flesh, fingering her girlhood, tugging her nipples, cupping her breasts, spreading her firm little bottom hemispheres wide, probing  and stretching her rear entrance. Suddenly, the chilling thought came to her that they intended to violate her there

Although he had penetrated Faith manually every time they copulated, in the weeks since she had become his, Caine had not attempted to sodomize her. Consequently, she had come to believe that for some reason, he was not planning to use her in that particularly perverted and unnatural fashion at all. Of course, since she knew from Kelly and some of Caine’s other fuck-toys that this was Caine’s preferred form of intercourse, she suspected this was wishful thinking. 

Faith now thought he had merely been saving her for this movie, and that she was about to be taken in the way that she most feared and loathed. During her strictly religious childhood, she had been raised to believe that sodomy was the ultimate sin in the eyes of the Eternal Ones, and the fact that she was an unwilling participant did not excuse her.

She struggled with all her strength when anonymous fingers carried slippery lubrication from her traitorous sex up between her bottom cheeks. As someone insistently worked the greasy gel over, around and inside her anus, Faith whimpered in terror.

Then she felt the stiff thickness of a cock sliding up in her ass crack, while powerful hands bent her forward, positioning her to be impaled.

"I think you're really going to like this, girly," the man standing behind her said, sliding the head of his organ back and forth over her tiny back door. Her sphincter clenched in fear.

 "Nnnnn! Nnnnn!" Faith whined. Her pathetic struggles did not make the slightest impression on her captors. This was it. They were going to…

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