Runaway Cherie by D.B. Story

  • ISBN: 9781609824006
  • Written by: D.B. Story


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 This tale touches on the darker side of our robot future where robots, through either choice or malfunction, flee from ownership. Because such actions do nothing to remove them from those who want them back, those who see value in retrieving them, or their own robotic laws, a game of cat and mouse ensues as presented in this three act drama. And when the target is a tall, strong, beautiful, and very much in control of herself fembot, then it's truly Game On.

Warnings: This title contains sex with robots – the ultimate sex toys. Some anatomical language and coerced behavior.

Word Count: 32,800



Nanny, Getting Naughty Between the Stacks, 4/5 Hearts!

"I really enjoyed the world building... Cherie who, despite being a robot, was very human... I enjoyed Cherie's back story very much... a good sci fi tale."




If she was trying to hide, she was going about it in the worst way possible. She was impossible to miss. Standing six feet and an inch before adding in the heels, there was nothing subtle about her.

Luscious hair the color of dark chocolate fell down over her shoulders, curling nearly down to her impressive bust, which pushed out like perfectly weightless teardrops on her dauntingly proportioned body. Those teardrops—enough to bring tears to the eyes of any male who saw her—were barely covered by a band of stretchy fabric so thin that I could see the outline of each nipple from this far away. Her breasts were so obviously firm that they swung just enough to be enticing with each gyration on the crowded dance floor.

She looked to mass a good hundred and sixty pounds, meaning there was nothing small or weak about her. My expert eye pegged her figure at 41-27-38. Her long, fully exposed, legs and her beautiful feet dwarfed the strappy three-inch black heels that would have looked tall for anyone else. Even without the extra height they gave her, she dwarfed the people around her. Her light face showed a dark and penetrating gaze out from its frame of hair, long dark eyebrows and lashes, and enticingly shaded eyes in the way that only a brunette can. Her manner was intimidating and unapproachable.

I approached anyway.

She was out of place here. This was a dark, noisy human club scene, so crowded that you couldn't swing an arm without assaulting a half dozen patrons.

While her state of undress wasn’t significantly more extreme than the shorter, lesser endowed females gyrating around her, the same amount of cloth covered much less of her. But that wasn’t the point. She was an unaccompanied robot and they weren’t.

How do I know that? It wasn’t because she had a tattoo across her nearly bare chest proclaiming I’M A ROBOT. Nor was there any remote visible on her person—in violation of several statutes to the contrary. And there hasn’t been a robot made in the last dozen years at least that couldn’t pass for human in this murk. It was so dark, lit only by random colored spots and loud music, that I could barely make out just how well tanned her sexy legs really were below her very short skirt.

If anything, she looked too good. Her breasts were a bit too large. Her nipples were too large, ideally placed, and excited. Her balance was a bit too perfect. Her unconcern about her state of undress appeared a bit too complete—and that put her out of place here.

Intuition and experience filled in the blanks. This 'bot was passing. Trying to pass herself off as something she wasn’t. And the moment I realized that, it made her my target.

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