Shifter Shelter: Nipped by the Cub by Tracey DeSanto

  • ISBN: 9781504503778
  • Written by: Tracey DeSanto


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It’s been ten years since Diana’s shifter boyfriend dumped her. She’s doing just fine, thank you. Life is simpler without a werewolf. Diana is happy running the local animal shelter. She’s also a red-blooded woman who enjoys knocking boots with Constable Fife, the local cop. Back at the shelter, there is Dorothy, her sex-kitten employee. This hot, young thing seems to play for both teams and might just be looking to nail the boss. Never a dull day…

The big problem is that Diana is a concubine to her ex-wolf, and that means that she remains connected to his blood… forever. When her shifter is nearby and the moon is on the rise, Diana feels wild and horny, barely able to control herself. With her ex-wolf long gone, why is Diana running around like an animal in heat, boning everyone in sight? Who has come exploding back into Diana’s life to give her such a bad case of the ferals? And isn’t he a bit young for her? Seems inappropriate.

Shifter Shelter is an erotic novella about a capable woman who has sex with quite a few people as she wrangles a werewolf. It is for 18+ adult readers only. It’s really dirty, with crass language and plenty of sex. There’s mild bondage, lesbian/bisexual encounters, straight sex, and werewolf sex. You know… what you should find in any decent shifter erotica. It’s also a really fun story. Expect laughs, intrigue, full moons, and plenty of fierce action, all in that winning DeSanto style!


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