Tomorrow Always Comes by Avery Paul

  • ISBN: 9781609828783


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Secret agent Finn Greystroke is working to redeem himself after failing his last mission. When things don’t go according to plan, Finn winds up hiding out with his ongoing nemesis. In close quarters, tempers flare and carnal cravings surface.


Warnings: This story contains graphic language, violence, m/m sex and anal sex.

Word Count: 5,035




They circled each other, ready to pounce. They collided together, creating a symphony of crashing silverware and banging pots. They struggled against each other in an attempt to get their bodies closer, fighting while their erect cocks rubbed against each other.

Finn pulled down Yusuf’s bottom lip and spit into his mouth before slapping him across the face. Yusuf grabbed Finn’s hair and pushed him down onto his cock. Finn gagged on the girth of his manhood. Yusuf didn’t seem to care, shoving Finn’s head down his shaft until his lips were wrapped around the base of his cock.

Finn felt his throat open up to accommodate Yusuf’s massive pole. His mouth salivated and drool dripped down the thick vein of Yusuf’s cock. Finn’s hand roamed over Yusuf’s muscles. He found Yusuf’s erect nipples and pinched them hard. Yusuf’s cock swelled even greater, pushing against the constraints of Finn’s throat.

Yusuf finally released Finn and he took a deep breath, panting while he stroked Yusuf’s thick member. He hastily flipped Yusuf over onto his stomach and climbed on top of him. He leaned his arm against Yusuf’s back, bending close so he could whisper in his ear.

“Who knew after all this time you were just being an asshole because you wanted me inside yours?”

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