Closest Strangers by Delores Swallows

  • ISBN: 9781609829919
  • Written by: Delores Swallows


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When Mark receives a letter from his girlfriend asking for help, he assumes she’s having trouble from an ex-boyfriend. He hurries to Bristol to help her out, only to find that she’s been a voluntary participant in the seedy goings-on of a criminal underworld. But now she’s apparently upset a psychotic gangster who becomes convinced Mark’s part of a plan to disrupt his business. When Mark gets dragged into the fray it’s bad enough, but he won’t stand for the innocent woman he cares about getting hurt…

Warnings: This story contains coarse language and physical violence. One scene contains an attempted rape, and there are numerous scenes containing explicit and graphic sex.


Word Count: 38,716




She moved close behind him and slid her arms around his waist. “How long d’you think you’ll be?”

Mal let out a breath and rested his head back against her. “As long as it takes for her to return what she took, and tell me what she’s up to. She’d better not try pissing me about, because I’m not in the fucking mood.”

Honey gently ran her hands over his stomach before moving them down to rest over his crotch. “Are you sure you’re not in the fucking mood?” As her fingers gently stroked him through the material of his trousers she felt his cock start to swell.

When Mal turned to face her she raised her eyebrows a little, pleased at the effect her fingers were having on him.

“What I was thinking,” she said in a sultry voice, “was that if you were to go and see Fizz with all that pent up energy…” She gripped his erection through the fabric of his pants. “Well, you might do something nasty to her, and then regret it later.” With expert fingers, she undid his zip and took out his cock. Holding it in one hand, she traced the nails of her other hand gently down the full length of the shaft.

“Whereas if you were to burn off all of that pent up energy doing something nasty to me…” Honey smiled. She knew she was going to get what she wanted. 

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