Pulp Fiction Lady - The Warrior in the Lightning

  • ISBN: 9781504502450
  • Written by: Jennie Lee Schade


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Betrayed by her lover, warrior-queen Elanii A’Orr rides the lightning between worlds and realities. This mystic form of lightning allows her to travel wherever she wills. Until now, she has always been able to find him. On this day, the electric road she rides will take her in another direction. 

Justin Jones is an athletic college student with an addiction to thrilling pulp fiction-style barbarian stories. He loves reading the salacious tales of the she-warrior who travels between realities. Her stories leave him breathless with desire. 

With a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder, a woman who looks like the fierce and beautiful Elanii appears in his apartment room on a stormy summer night. Shocked, the young man is at a loss for words. It couldn’t really be Elanii…could it? 

The warrior has found herself in another strange reality. Her former lover is not here. Instead she is face-to-face with the startled Justin. 

There are no coincidences. This is a truth that Elanii has always known. If she has been brought here, then this boy was meant to be hers…and she is determined to have him.


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