Craved by Tasha S. Heart

  • ISBN: 9781504503020
  • Written by: Tasha S. Heart


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Aidan thought his life took a turn for the worse when his girlfriend broke up with him, leaving him to attempt to pick up the pieces of his new pathetic life. After another night of mindless drinking with his best friend Eliot at the helm, Aidan meets Aurora. Having a beautiful and mysterious woman sit down and talk to him seemed pretty farfetched. It really blew his mind when she suggested they go back to her place. One thing led to another, but Aidan couldn't remember another when he woke up to loud banging on his front door.

Aurora revealed to Aidan what she is and why he couldn't remember anything about meeting her. She had the answers, but what cost would he have to pay to get them when he agrees to be like her, to be a vampire. She told him he is supposed to be hers. He was picked to be her Mate. But Aidan felt he wasn't some trophy, some prize owed to her. He wanted another and was willing to do whatever it took to make her his.

Aidan giving up his human life was easier said than done. He isn't the same, but he is determined to be with Catherine. Just when he convinces himself he can keep his secret and still be with her, Aurora proves she has other plans. With the threat to Catherine's life, Aidan reveals what he has become.

Can Catherine survive the truth? Can she love Aidan or will she think he's a monster?
Aidan has to save Catherine from Aurora and himself.

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, m/f/f sex and minor violence.
Word Count: 69,283


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