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Selena Kitt’s *Daddy's Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Hanna's been raised to be a good Christian girl, and she wants to listen to Pastor David, who tells his flock, procreation is the only reason for relations between a husband and wife.

But innocent Hanna dreams often about a mysterious man who pleasures her, waking up with a blissful longing she doesn't quite understand. 


Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 15,000



“Yes.” He nodded slowly. “Sex is a biological need. Like hunger. It needs to be sated. God wants us to feel that pleasure, whether we’re alone or with a partner.”
“So… it’s not wrong?” Hanna swallowed past her shameful question and managed to get it out. “It’s not wrong for a woman to pleasure herself? To think about… men? Naked… men?”
“No, sweetheart.” His voice was soft, gentle. “You’re not wrong.”
The relief that flooded her was incredible.
“You touch yourself?” he asked, cocking his head at her. It seemed to surprise him.
She nodded, biting her lip.
“And you think about men naked?” This seemed to surprise him even more.
“Sometimes,” she confessed. “Mostly I dream about them. In my dreams, he’s tall and handsome. Like you. He’s… he has a big… erection…”
Had she really just said that word out loud?
“Like you…” her breath was coming in little gaspy gulps. “And he puts it inside me. I wake up shivering all over. Sometimes I put my fingers inside, just so I can feel what it might be like…”
“But you’ve never had sex?”
“No!” She stared at him, aghast. “I’m a virgin! And sometimes I touch myself, it’s true, but Daddy, I always beg God for forgiveness afterwards.”
She stated this last in a flurry of words as her hands came to an automatic prayer position at her chest.
“You don’t need to ask God to forgive you, baby.” He shook his head, looking sad. “God loves you and He wants you to feel loved. Sex is part of that. It’s an expression of love.”
“Even when I do it to myself?”
“Don’t you love yourself?”
Hanna giggled.
“Come here.” He held his hand out to her.
Hanna forced her feet to move toward him, unlocking the fingers laced together over her chest as she approached, her breath shallow in her throat. He slipped his warm hand into hers, pulling her to the bed to sit beside him.
“Are you afraid of me?” His thumb moved over her hand, stroking gently.
“No, Daddy.” She lifted her gaze to meet his eyes.
“Who was the man in your dream, Hanna?” he asked softly.
She stiffened at his words. Oh, she didn’t want to confess this. It was too much.
“I… don’t know.” She swallowed, shaking her head. “It was just a dream.”
“Sometimes our dreams tell us what we really want.”
“They do?” She couldn’t help but remember her dream man now, with him so close. It had been Marshall she was dreaming of. She was sure of it.
“Was it a boy you know?”
She nodded, feeling her cheeks flush, her breath catch.
“Who was it, Hanna?” His eyes searched hers. “Who did you imagine was making love to you?”
“I can’t.” She heard her throat click as she swallowed, avoiding his eyes. But her stepfather took her chin in hand, tilting it so she had to look at him.
“Tell me.”
“It was…” Her chin quivered in his fingers. She barely got the words out, in a choked whisper. “Oh Daddy… it was you.”
“Sweet girl.” He leaned in and kissed her.
His lips were soft, warm. It was sweet at first. Chaste. A tender, gentle kiss. Fatherly.
And then, his mouth moved, slanting. His tongue sought entrance. Hanna moaned and opened to him as his hand moved behind her neck, keeping her pulled in tight. She barely registered what was happening. This was her stepfather she was kissing! Her mind railed. But her body responded. Her sex throbbed. Her nipples hardened under her blouse. Her back arched as she tried to get herself as close to him as she possibly could.
This was her stepfather, but it was also her dream man.

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