Stepbrother Studs: Daren by Selena Kitt

  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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Selena Kitt’s *Stepbrother Studs*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Lacey can’t believe her younger stepbrother, Daren, is leaving in the fall to join the Navy. Who is she going to argue with? Whose shoulder is she going to cry on when he’s gone?

Since their parents married ten years ago, the stepsiblings have been the best of frenemies, and she doesn’t quite know what she’s going to do without him.

Lacey plans a goodbye picnic by the lake, but their last, private summer swim turns into something forbidden neither of them could have expected, but both of them secretly hoped for... 

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 11,500



"I have to go. I have to get away from you, because it hurts so much to be around you and not… not be able to… have you…"

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