Heartbreakers and Homewreckers Inc.2-The Gutterslut Dragyn Jones

  • ISBN: 9781504500821
  • Written by: Dragyn Jones


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The second installment of Heartbreakers and Homewreckers, Inc. Episode #2—The Gutterslut, introduces oversexed but engaged-to-be-married Sandi. Dragyn quickly realizes she is a sucker for flirting, teasing, and extended foreplay, and rather than pushing her into an affair, lays a trail of sexual bread crumbs that might lead to his bed. Sandi is that rare treat of a woman who truly loves sex and all things sexual. With her fiancé two states away, she’s lonely and horny, the perfect combination for Dragyn to see if she can use the services of Heartbreakers and Homewreckers, Inc. In a reversal of roles, the Dragyn releases the monster, a woman in need of release and multiple orgasms, insatiable in her lust to please and be pleased. Will her sexual appetites be filled? Will other parts of her also be filled? Will she test the commitment to her fiancé against the promise of immediate gratification with Dragyn. The Gutterslut is sex incarnate. Can Dragyn help her make an objective decision while he pushes her sexual buttons? Dragyn continues to pursue married and engaged women for the challenge, and rewards. But this time?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 27500


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