A Twisted Bard's Tale by Selena Kitt

  • ISBN: 9781609820299
  • Written by: Selena Kitt

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 Did you ever wonder what started the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues? Check out this naughty version of Romeo and Juliet--you'll be surprised and delighted by this twisted Bard's tale!

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and f/f sex.

Word Count: 5,659



Lady Capulet heard her daughter’s footsteps fading down the hall. Fair Juliet was going to marry Paris. It was settled—her husband had decided the match. He had left for town to brag this morning, leaving it to her to bring news to the girl, and she had done it as well as her own mother had delivered the news to her at such a tender age. She could still remember her mother’s hand against her cheek, imploring her to consider. “Elizabeth, he is a fine match!” She had been Juliet’s age when she had married into the house of Capulet and she knew what it was to be given into such service.

Although, Juliet was a great deal more headstrong than she had been at that age, she thought. Her daughter was young, and would outgrow it, but her heart led her now. Her heart—and the steady, throbbing pulse beating between her gentle thighs! Lady Capulet smiled. Ah, to be that young again! But no, she wouldn’t trade it. She was a lifetime away from the young girl who had lain trembling beneath her husband’s sweaty, thrusting body on her wedding night.

She shuddered at the memory, hearing the old nurse knocking at her door.

“Anon, m’lady!” the woman hissed, knocking again. “She is arrived!”

Lady Capulet stood, straightening her gown. She was not so different from her daughter, she realized, even now. She still led with her heart.


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