Blood Brothers by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609827069
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Blood brothers Joey and Andy experience the joys and fears of discovering their sexuality in nineteen fifties middle America.  The soccer team’s bullying and Andy’s obsession with busty cheerleaders challenge Joey’s suppressed desire for Andy.  Frustrated by the cock-teasing cheerleaders, Andy takes advantage of Joey’s submissiveness and their blood brother oath to attain sexual relief at the cost of his friend’s self esteem.

When Andy gets Tiffany, his current cheerleader conquest, pregnant he turns to Joey for solace.  Joey, his confidence buoyed after a romantic night with Keith at a High School newsletter editors’ conference and having accepted his sexuality is no longer the submissive blood brother Andy could take advantage of and asserts himself to Andy’s astonishment.  Their friendship is at stake.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex and some non-consensual action short of rape.
Word Count: 15,465





“Tiffany actually touched my dick, but only briefly.  Her warm hand felt much better than my own feels.  Maybe we could jerk each other’s cock.  I bet it would be better than sitting side-by-side doing ourselves.”  Andy’s suggestion caught me off guard and I hesitated to respond.  Taking my lack of opposition to mean acquiescence, Andy reached over and replaced my hand with his on my steely shaft.

“Oohh!”  I moaned, half from being startled and half out of lust; reciprocating, I fisted Andy’s erection.

“Yeah,” Andy murmured thrusting his hips up, urging me to stroke the entire fleshy rod.  “Soooo good!”

My breath irregular, I could barely respond, “It...sure...does.  You’d better stop.  I’m…ahh…close.”

“Me too, don’t stop!  Can you squeeze tighter, especially at the tip?  I like to bring my foreskin over the top then stroke hard all the way down.”  Andy wasn’t fazed at all giving me instructions on how to frig his prick.  “Yes!  That’s it!  I’m getting close.  Ahhhh!”  I felt the tremors in his shaft as his cum boiled up and shot from the tiny hole in the tip.  I continued to stroke his cum drenched cock until no more young seed was expelled.  Throughout his orgasm, Andy never relinquished his hold on my shaft and seeing cum flying over his abdomen took me over the edge and I spurted profusely onto my own torso, a few blobs of sticky cum reached my face.

“Fuck!  That was terrific!  Much better than by myself.”  Andy grabbed his discarded t-shirt and wiped the gelatinous mess from his body.

“Good thing it’s warm out.  I could never put this shirt back on,” I told Andy as I wiped myself clean then tossed the damp shirt into the back seat.

“You missed a spot.”  Andy ran his finger over my cheek sending chills up my spine almost causing my deflating dick to resurrect.  He surprised me by placing his fingertip on my lips.  “Lick it off!”  He growled, the sensuality of the act causing his throat to tighten.

“No way!”  I felt that was far too gay.  “Wipe your fucking finger on the shirt before you toss it in back.”  With a strange little laugh Andy ditched the t-shirt.  We both pulled our underwear and jeans up, fastened the flys and belts, then I drove us home.

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