The Baumgartner Dirty Show by Selena Kitt

  • ISBN: 9781609827267
  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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In The Dirty Show, those familiar with the Baumgartner series will recognize Janie and Josh, although now they are ten years into their marriage. This sexually adventurous couple has found a way to honor their desires while still maintaining their loving commitment to each other, giving a whole new meaning to the word “monogamy!”

Note: You don’t have to read any of the Baumgartner books to enjoy this deliciously sexy addition to the series!

Warning: This title contains incredibly hot sex!

Word Count: 5,500



There were two guys standing outside trying to get a taxi, but the moment Janie appeared in her high-heels and short skirt, a yellow cab pulled up, stopping so fast it left a skid mark on the cooling pavement. She smiled apologetically at the men waiting as she got into the back seat, telling the driver their destination, and asking him to wait for Josh.

“So, what do you think?” Josh slid in beside her as the driver took off. Josh slipped his hand slowly over her stocking and up underneath her skirt. He lowered his voice and whispered, “Last bar for the night, my insatiable little slut?”

Her eyes widened slightly and she felt the familiar tingle between her legs. The driver wasn’t paying any attention to them, listening to a Spanish radio station. She looked at Josh, a little mischievous smile passing over her face, and leaned back in the seat slightly.

He looked out the window, seemingly uninterested in her, but his hand slid up further, feeling the heat between her legs. His fingers brushed over her panties and he began slowly stroking her.

Mmm, warming me up. She let her eyes close, feeling the tingle building as her panties grew more damp with each pass of his fingers. Only a small intake of breath indicated that Janie felt his fingers slide her panties aside and his fingers slip inside, seeking the hottest, wettest spot. He glanced at her, and she heard his breath quicken slightly. He loved it, she knew, almost as much as she did.

His finger moved around her clit, making easy, practiced circles. Janie met the cab driver’s eyes in the mirror. He was watching now, seeing the flush on her cheeks, the rosy glow spreading to her chest. She moaned softly, parting her legs wider and sliding her bottom down on the seat.

“It makes you hot, doesn’t it?” Josh leaned in to whisper into the shell of her ear, sending shivers up her spine. “Knowing he’s watching. You’re making his dick hard.”

She whimpered, nuzzling her face against her husband’s neck, squirming on the seat. He knew he drove her crazy, but that’s just where he intended to go. His fingers moved lower, slipping inside her slick pussy, probing deep. She sighed and arched, holding on tight to him as the cab made a sharp left.

“Taste your cunt.” He lifted his glistening fingers to her mouth, forcing them between her lips. The cab driver actually gasped, watching Janie eagerly suck her juices, rocking on the seat. “You’re such a little slut. Say it. Tell me you’re my cock whore.”

“I’m a slut,” she gasped, sliding a leg over his, spreading herself. “I’m your cock whore.”

“Yes, you are.” Josh growled, pulling her into his lap, forcing her to straddle him, her skirt riding up her thighs and over her ass. Janie glanced over her shoulder and saw the cab driver frantically adjusting the mirror for a better view. She arched her back, giving it to him. “Are you ready to give them all a show, you slutty little brat? Are you ready to give them a hot, dirty little show?”

“Yes!” She rocked against him, feeling the length of his cock even through the thick, denim crotch of his jeans. “You’re so good to me, baby. Ohhh so fucking good to me.” 

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