At Your Service by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609827618
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Downton Abbey relocated to Palm Beach provides the setting for this darkly erotic story of gay lust and love.  Filthy rich, drop-dead gorgeous, blond Greg uses and abuses Jason−a recent high school graduate with few prospects other than joining the military.  The petite, cute, and out twink realizes that would be a major mistake.  His uncle comes to the rescue with the proposal that Jason become the valet to the sole son of the wealthy Russian entrepreneur, Gregor, the uncle serves as valet.

Knowing Greg’s reputation as the most desirable bachelor on the island, Jason readily accepts the position and soon discovers the violent side of his sexy master.  After extorting Jason to jerk the fair-haired beauty’s sizeable endowment, Greg uses Jason’s hot mouth and tight ass whenever one of the prudish debutantes refuses to succumb to Greg’s charms.  Jason, infatuated with the tall hunk, endures the mistreatment.  After all, he gets to have sex with the most attractive person in his limited world, he lives in a mansion, has a good salary, and−well−he’s in love with Greg.

Greg’s marriage changes nothing, as his wife is, euphemistically, ‘a cold fish.’  The wealthy young man’s life takes a drastic downturn, however, when he’s caught sodomizing a young male guest at the family’s Halloween party for staff of the charities they support.  Jason’s life also goes down the drain and he finds himself dancing in a gay bar. Greg’s entry into the bar on the arms of his sugar daddy, where he spies his former valet pole dancing, leads to murder.


WARNINGS: This story contains graphic language, m/m sex, BDSM, and initially non-consensual sex. 




WORD COUNT:  6,398




“I bet your ass is tighter than Angie’s pussy,” Greg said as he rubbed his thumb over my pucker.  “Spread your legs!  Let me see your cherry hole!”  His voice got hoarse as he splayed both hands over my cheeks and diddled my ass hole with his fingers.  Whenever I squirmed to get away from his insistent caresses, he would slap my butt cheeks until I stood still.  “Stay right there!”  He ordered removing his hands from my ass.  I glanced over my shoulder and, to my dismay, saw that he was undressing.  “Let’s get in bed,” he said, his voice strangely soft once he was also nude.  He sat on the edge of the mattress and pulled me to him positioning me between his thighs, his erect cock standing straight up from his groin.

“You know you are beautiful,” Greg cooed as he gently stroked my face.  “Such an angelic face.  Your straight black hair nicely frames your cherubic countenance.”  I was flabbergasted at his words and actions–flabbergasted and flattered.  Then he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.  I would have collapsed in a faint if he weren’t holding me upright.  His voluptuous lips felt so good on my mouth I couldn’t help myself.  I moaned and he took advantage of my parted lips to insert his tongue through them.  My cut seven-inch organ engorged as we French kissed at the side of the bed.  I got bold and ran my palms over the chest I had scrubbed earlier.  Greg broke off our kiss and I thought I might have overstepped my bounds.  “Pinch my tits.”  He requested.  “Chicks like their nipples played with but never reciprocate.”

I pinched, tweaked and twisted his prominent tits until they became hard like his cock.  Then I moved my mouth to his chest, licked them and sucked on them as he moaned with pleasure.  “You are so sexy,” Greg hissed as I pleasured his nipples.  “I’m sorry I was a bastard earlier when you bathed me and then when I came home.  I was fighting my lust for your hot, little body.”  He cradled me in his arms and lifted me on the bed.  He was a passionate but gentle lover that evening, sucking my dick until I filled his mouth with my cum, then letting me suck his long, fat cock at my own pace, never forcing it deeper into my throat until I learned to deep throat it on my own.  When he came he didn’t seem to mind that I let his cum splatter on my face instead of down my throat.  Afterward, we fell asleep entwined in each other’s arms.

“Get the hell up!  What do you think you’re doing in bed at this hour?  You’re supposed to be getting my toilette ready, setting out my clothes and fetching my breakfast.  I’m going to shit, shave and shower.  You better be ready when I’m done.”  Greg threw off the bed covers and stormed into the bathroom.  I scampered to get dressed and do as he said barely finishing when he emerged from the bathroom.

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