Bridging the Distance by Ira Chas

  • ISBN: 9781609829308
  • Written by: Ira Chas


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Marie has always harbored romantic feelings towards her straight and married best friend. Hurt by Claire’s rejection once, Marie is terrified of broaching the subject again. When a reunion unexpected opens a rare window of opportunity, Marie seizes the chance to show her best friend just how much she truly means to her.


Warnings: This title contains f/f sex.

Word Count: 4,000




“What about Bill?” I asked.

I don’t want to break the spell, but I don’t want to wreck her life either, because of one impulsive gesture.

“You don’t have to worry about Bill. He’s always been travelling, meeting new people, and screwing them. We are trying to make it work,” Claire explained in a rush, as if she’s not interested in the words coming out of her mouth.

I try to make sense of her words. Tried to make out the implications of them, but it takes so much effort to think. She hesitated by the door of leading to the bedroom she and her husband shared.

“Marie, you understand what this is though?” She asked.

It’s the first time I hear hesitation in her voice.

“I understand it can’t happen again,” I replied.

Sorrow coated each of my words, but I can’t help it. Claire nodded and pushed the door. I hardly see what the bedroom looks like. All I see is Claire drawing me forward. My hands fumbled for the hem of my dress, but Claire beats me to it. She peeled it off me with a hurriedness that betrays her ill-concealed impatience. The hunger in my own eyes must be reflected in her own. With that thought, I begin to become more confident.

My bra and mismatched underwear soon follow and then I’m standing bare and naked in front of Claire.

“Your turn,” I say, and helped her out of her clothes.

“I hope you won’t be disappointed,” she said.

Her hands skimmed to the stretch marks on her still slender body and I caught her hands. I knelt and kissed the marks, tracing the line with my tongue.

Claire let loose a laugh, carefree and sudden. She touched my face again and we’re tumbling on the bed. Above her, I resume what I’ve started. I’ve thought of kissing my way upward, but Claire’s impatient fingers hooked themselves into my hair, tugging me upwards.

“Impatient are we?” I teased.

Her skin is unbelievably warm against mine. Unlike Jeremy’s rough and hairy skin, Claire’s skin is smooth. Every curve and crevice is a perfect fit against my own skin. I was aware of the weight of my small breasts, and the nipples hardening on each end as they stroked her skin.

“Shut up,” Claire says, pulling me down to kiss her.

No hesitation this time. Our lips suck and nip at each other with the desperation of two animals in heat. Our bodies were the same, grinding and whittling each other down until they found a rhythm. Her hands slide firmly behind my back and I can feel mine travelling down her hip to part her legs. They part without resistance.

I can hear her muffled groan beneath the crush of my lips when I slide one of my fingers inside her. I could feel the slick wetness of her need. Encouraged, I slide two more fingers and she buckles against me. I
press one firm thumb against her clit and begin to draw lazy circles. The rest of my fingers are working their way in and out of her, building her up for pleasure.

Her hands desperately clutch at me and her fingers begin to claw into my skin, but I don’t mind wearing her marks. They’ll fade away eventually, but they’re still reminders of our brief time together. 

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