Blue Collar Boys 3: Groomed by the Farmhand by Ira Chas

  • ISBN: 9781609829520
  • Written by: Ira Chas


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High-powered lawyer Cindy McAllister has everything. A classy apartment with a killer view, a six-figure salary, hundreds of pairs of heels, and a string of broken relationships. In other words? Nothing. Disappointing emptiness resides inside Cindy. She has certain needs no man or woman seemed capable of filling, which is why she suddenly finds herself in the middle of nowhere, knocking on the door of a farmhand and his charming wife. Miles of land separate one cornfield from the next. Is Cindy about to enter a trap laid out by two psychos, or will she finally be able to fill the emptiness festering inside her?


Warnings: This title contains graphic sex, BDSM, a FFM menage and lactation fetish.

Word Count: 7,304



Cindy sighed, wanting something larger than two fingers. Jan disappeared from her line of sight and re-appeared again, wearing an enormous two-headed purple strap-on. She nudged it between Cindy’s lips and Cindy automatically opened her mouth.

“Aren’t you well-trained,” Jan said in an approving voice, fisting her hair. With a plastic cock in her throat, Cindy only managed a choking sound of assent.

“The slut’s ready,” Bran announced as he and his wife switched places. Bran undid his jeans, unveiling his curving, hardened length.

Seeing her wide-eyed and hungry look, Bran grinned, teasingly pressing his tip against her lips, but not going further. “The cow seems to like my cock, Jan.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Jan threw back, nudging the tip of her strap-on between Cindy’s ass cheeks. Feeling mischievous, Cindy flicked her tongue over the pre-cum that had gathered on Bran’s cock head. Bran gripped her hair, forcing her to look up at him so she could see the disapproving look in his eyes.

“Did I say you can lick my cum, cow?” Feeling ashamed, Cindy dropped her eyes and answered with a meek, “no, Master.”

“You just earned yourself a night in the cage, you horny little slut,” Bran told her, tugging at the chain dangling between herbreasts.

Cindy moaned. She didn’t bother begging because she knew she deserved it. While she didn’t relish sleeping on the cold kitchen floor, she’d put up with it and hope she could make it up to them the next day.

“If you like the taste of cum so badly, then you better make sure you don’t spill a drop,” Bran told her, fisting her hair and thrusting his cock into her waiting mouth.

Taking complete control, he used her hair as a handle while he used her mouth. Unused to his length, Cindy gagged at first, but he slowly made sure she got used to him. A slight burn from her behind reminded Cindy Jan was fucking her ass. The burn faded away quickly, replaced by something else as Jan buried herself to the hilt.

“Oh, baby. I think our little cow likes it up her ass,” Jan commented, gripping Cindy’s hips.

“Does she?” Bran murmured with panting breaths as he thrust himself into Cindy’s wet mouth with increasing momentum. “You like my wife’s toy cock in you, cow?”

Cindy only managed a gurgle.

“Don’t think she’ll last long, hon. Plus, I want to hear her come,” Jan pointed out, beginning to hammer in and out of Cindy.

“Go ahead, don’t think I’ll last long either,” Bran answered, slipping his cock out of her mouth. Cindy let out a full-throated moan when Jan slipped her hand between her legs and began rubbing furious circles around her clit.

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