Younger Women, Older Men by Lexi Wood & Giselle Renarde

  • Written by: Giselle Renarde


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What does she see in him?


A girl might go after an older man because he’s got money or power or brains, but sometimes it’s simpler than that.  Sometimes she’s just plain hot for his body! Older men know how to treat a girl right.  They know exactly what to whisper, where to touch, and when to put a girl over his knee.


In this collection of six salacious stories, savour the flavour of younger women as they take pleasure in the minds and bodies of older men. Even when it’s forbidden, they can’t resist rubbing up against an experienced older man!



Grabbing her wrist, Mister M brought her hand to his crotch.  When he pressed her open palm to his erection, his lip curled into a sneer. “I didn’t know whether I should trust you,” he said, forcing her to rub his hardness. “But I see it in your eyes, Angelica.  You’ve never touched one.”


“No.”  She tried to pull away, but he was too strong.  He just kept stroking himself with her open palm until she broke down and stopped struggling.  “Please don’t hurt me. Please, that’s all I care about.”


“Oh really?”  He forced her fingers closed around his erection. It didn’t matter that she was touching him through his trousers. His penis scared her on a fundamental level—so much so that she didn’t know what he meant when he asked, “You don’t care about money?”


“What?”  Why was he talking about money at a time like this?


“In the restaurant you worshipped my money. Now your only concern is for your personal safety. You love my money, but you’re afraid of me?”


He tightened her grip around his erection and she felt it throb in her hand. She shrieked.  She couldn’t help it. The thing had a mind of its own. It kept trying to wag, like a dog’s tail, but Mister M forced Angelica to keep it still.


Bowing to her ear, he asked, “Why are you so afraid of my cock?”

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