Caged and Contused by G.R. Richards

  • ISBN: 9781609826710
  • Written by: G.R. Richards


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Four gay BDSM tales from the manic mind of G.R. Richards.

Fuck in a Truck: In the 1960’s, when New York’s gay clubs were raided weekly, clever guys got their asses to the meat-packing district for filthy all-night orgies.  In the trucks, anything goes.

Webcam Willy: Willy’s just another university student who likes to jerk off with strangers via webcam.  He’s a voyeur and exhibitionist all rolled into one.  As much as he loves getting off in front of other guys, he loves being told what to do even more.

The Feel of Steel: Big Boy’s sub had a cock with a mind of its own until Big Boy slapped a chastity devise on it.  But that old plastic cock cage was an eyesore and it never did fit right.  Time they switch to a gleaming steel cock lock.

Daddy Jens: Jens can’t stand his son’s friends.  When they traipse into his house uninvited, he tells them to get lost, but Cooper and Logan aren’t going anywhere.  Is it time for the muscle daddy to tame them?  Because Daddy Jens sure knows how to put a couple sk8er boys in their places.

WARNINGS: This title contains mild to wild erotic stories of gay BDSM.

Word Count: 14,600



Steel was my reward.

I could see the pride gleaming in Big Boy’s dark coffee eyes.  Yes, he scolded me, chastised me, even punished me when I was naughty—I deserved it then—but he also encouraged me when I was good.  And lately, I’d been very good.

That’s why he suited me up with the stainless steel cock lock.  He knew the old plastic one was uncomfortable.  It didn’t fit right.  It was just large enough that it let me get erections, and there were even a few times when old habits turned me on so bad I ejaculated on my computer chair.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  There was no joy in it, for me.

Big Boy made me clean up after myself.  His reactions to my misdeeds were highly parental.  He never got angry when I slipped up.  He’d say he was “disappointed with my behavior,” and he’d take Friday night away from me.  He was right to do so.  I didn’t deservethe pleasure.

Big Boy had a good reason for caging my cock.  From the time I started working from home, my dick prevented me from accomplishing anything.  My dick, in combination with the abundance of internet porn, I should say.  I’d open a file, stare at the damn thing for a few minutes, and then open my internet browser and start watching sweet slave boys sucking off guys in leather harnesses.

I’d reach inside my sweats and pull out my hard cock.  I’d tug on it, jerking off until I came all over the underside of my computer desk.  It was a mess down there.  Porn was my compulsion.  Work got shifted to the backburner.  I’d masturbate the day away, and have nothing to show for it but my exhaustion.  I nearly lost my job.

Until I met Big Boy, I never realized there was such a simple solution to my problem.  I needed to give control of my cock over to somebody else.  That was it.  That was the miracle cure.

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