By Any Other Name by G.R. Richards

  • ISBN: 9781609826826
  • Written by: G.R. Richards


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Patrick and James spend every night together, and they don't even know each other's names.

For years now, folksy storyteller Patrick O'Hara has been logging on to the GayCamGuyz website.  He’d never tuned into the same live feed twice...until he stumbled across a lonely-looking guy he called "G."  Instant crush.  Big-time.

Now it's December and Patrick is making the rounds on in his annual Christmas reading tour. He's never admitted to G that he is the renowned Patrick O'Hara. When G shows up unannounced at Patrick's hotel room on Christmas Eve, it’s time to end the white lies.

Can Patrick handle the pressure when he meets his GayCamGuy in the flesh?

WARNINGS: This title contains explicit webcam encounters and first-time gay sex.

Word Count: 7,800



The room was dark, aside from the city lights glimmering in through the windows.

Letting the door slam behind him, Patrick walked across the carpet until his nose met the cold glass. He set his palms against the window and stared at the Christmas lights strung up on the streetlamps below.

No snow on the ground. Too bad. It was never really Christmas without snow. Of course, for Patrick, it was never really Christmas at all. How could it be? He spent every holiday season touring his Christmas Show across the country, reading his cute little stories in city after city, town after town, to enrich the Christmases of every man, woman, and child in the audience.

Then he came home to an empty hotel room.

Even today, Christmas Eve, he was alone.  He had shows every day in December -- except tomorrow. Christmas was his one day off and he had no one to spend it with.

Cracking open the Merlot his manager had sent up, Patrick poured himself a glass and settled in on the stiff chair near the coffee table. He flipped his laptop open and waited for the wifi signal to light up. Before even checking emails, he opened up a private browser and typed in Yes, it would be easier to bookmark the damn site, but he couldn't take the chance of somebody else using his computer and finding it full of gay porn. Patrick knew how to be discrete, even in this technological age.

Every night, after every show, in whatever city or town he happened to find himself, he returned to his hotel room and his current crush. Was it pathetic for a grown man so established in a successful career to spend his nights prowling the internet?

No, not prowling. He wasn't a predator. He was more of a watcher. At least, he'd been nothing more until he came across G…

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