As She Sleeps by Saffron Sands

  • ISBN: 9781301913626
  • Written by: Saffron Sands


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Mr. Evans has endured the temptation of his daughter’s best friend Brooke for some time.
When he picks the girls up from a night of partying and has to put the passed out beauty to bed, the ability to keep his hands off the young girl’s flesh quickly diminishes.

This story is intended for adults 18 years or older and contains graphic language, oral sex, fingering and sleep sex. Approximately 6,000 words.



Ellen and her friend Brooke bounced around the living room as they prepared to go upstairs to bed.

I struggled to keep my eyes off the pert tits of the young woman as she flaunted her petite curvy figure before me. I was certain Brooke wanted me to look. Why else would she wear a pair of tiny pajama shorts that clung to her heart shaped ass and prance around my house? When she walked across the floor her butt cheeks moved hypnotically under the thin material making my mouth go dry. I suppressed a groan as the pretty brunette bent over to pick up her overnight bag. Her ass aimed right at me and the curve of her firm buttocks peeked out. I felt my cock press against the zipper of my pants, my erection now past the point of stopping.

“Good night, Daddy.” Ellen hugged me and headed toward the stairs.

“Good night, Mr. Evans.” Brooke batted her eyes as she spoke. I swallowed hard and watched the sexy teen follow my daughter. Her pert little tits stretched the material of her tight tank top allowing me to make out the bumps of her stiffening nipples.

I cleared my throat nervously “Good night girls.” I watched Brooke wiggle her ass more than necessary as she climbed the stairs.

I had mixed feelings as I sank down in the couch and flipped the channels.

Brooke and Ellen had been best friends since middle school and now they were high school graduates about to leave the proverbial nest.

As my cock ached in my pants I contemplated whether or not it had been a good decision to not date after Ellen’s mother had passed away. I didn’t want to lose sight of raising our daughter or make Ellen feel that I was attempting to replace her mom.

Over the years as a widower, I had the occasional one night stand but for the most part my sexual outlet had been a bottle of lubrication and my right hand.

I groaned at the thought of a tight teen snatch wrapping around my shaft and closed my eyes. Brooke’s tight little ass danced through my mind. I knew she had seen me admiring her body and I could tell by the way she smiled at me she liked it.

I opened my eyes and turned off the television. I needed to get to bed and, more importantly, to my bottle of lube.

I turned off the lights and quietly climbed the stairs when I heard the muffled voices of my daughter and her best friend. I leaned in toward the door and heard Ellen saying “You are so mean.”

Brooke giggled and in an obviously pretend state of offense said “What? I would let your father do anything he wanted to me.”

“Honestly, Brooke!” I heard the girls wrestling on the bed. “My poor dad is gonna have to go whack off if he wants to get relief from the raging hard on you gave him.”

My breath caught in my chest. I couldn’t believe they were discussing me and my erection.

“I’d suck the come right out of him if I didn’t think he would freak out.”

I moved back from the door. Brooke wanted to suck my cock. My balls tingled at the thought and an image of the young girl on her knees before me, lips wrapped around my shaft and saliva running down my balls knocked the breath out of me.

I heard more rustling behind the closed door. The sound snapped me back to reality. I feared they would come out and catch me eaves dropping so I rushed off to my room.

Secure behind the closed door with a rock hard cock I sat at the edge of my bed. I would indeed be “whacking off” that night, as Ellen had so eloquently put it, to images of Brooke’s lips parted by my thick cock.

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