An Agency Story: Beach Blonde by Emme Salt

  • ISBN: 9781609828851
  • Written by: Emme Salt


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Hired by a mysterious agency that caters only to the elite, Cassie thinks she’s spending her summer vacation working as a nanny in Tahiti for the wealthy Doyle family. Once she arrives, innocent Cassie discovers much more than just beaches and tropical sunsets. She gets closer to Seamus and Mary Doyle than she ever imagined, and uncovers their naughty secret—theirs and the Agency’s.

Warnings: This erotic romance novella features lesbian sex, oral sex, a touch of voyeurism and meltingly-hot threesomes.


Word Count: 22,000



Sensing my surrender, Mr. Doyle reached behind me and skillfully undid the knot of my bikini top with a few deft fingers. He cast it off into the turbulent waters, tossing it out of my reach. Not that I would have wanted it, now. I barely noticed it floating away.

He lifted me up slightly: I could see my plump breasts gleaming in the steam, above the surface of the water. Leaning me against the wall of the pool, he ran his hands over my breasts, squeezing them gently but ignoring my nipples, which were hard, puckered, and aching.

“Please,” I managed to whisper.

“Please?” He looked at me and continued to stroke the sides of my breasts, up over one curve and then down over another.

“Please suck them,” I whimpered.

“I never can refuse a girl as pretty as you,” he said.

He drew a thumb over each pouting nipple. I gasped. I felt a vague throbbing between my legs. Did I come already? From one touch - is that even possible?

He grinned wickedly. “I like that look on a woman’s face,” he whispered. “Totally lost. And all mine.” With that, he dropped his head and drew a nipple in between his lips, sucking hard as he flicked its tip with his tongue.

I moaned in desperation: this was the moment I’d imagined a thousand times since the day before. The licking, flickering sensations shot pleasure straight from my breasts down to my pussy, like electricity surging through my body. He switched to my other teat, lightly rubbing the edge of his teeth along the tender, erect flesh. I wrapped my arms around his head as he suckled, making soft little gasping sounds. I felt faintly glad that the water muffled the noise I was making - what if someone caught us?

Yes. Watch me with him. Look at him playing with my breasts, and soon he’ll be toying with my pussy, and then...and then maybe he’ll fuck me…be my first, squeeze in me so tight and good and ready.

After a last hard suck, he lifted his head and met my open, gasping mouth in a hard kiss. He pulled me against him, crushing my breasts against his chest. I could feel his hands wandering down my body again, stroking my ribcage, rubbing over my hips, and then he hooked his fingers around my bottoms and drew them down my thighs. I kicked them off, and they floated away on the water.

All naked now. 

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