Legal Limit: The Complete Series by Cait Fox

  • ISBN: 9781504503693
  • Written by: Cait Fox


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This box set contains all twelve books of the Discovery Manor series.

In Opening Argument, Madeline demonstrates the culmination of twelve months of esoteric training. One final exam. Twelve special subjects. The very climax of Madeline’s education. Will she graduate by midnight?

Then, looking back…

Madeline explores sensual pleasures, learning that frank talk is the key to ultimate fulfillment. She tests her limits, attending a high society cocktail party only to discover that she is on the gourmet menu. She receives unique lessons on cleaning up her act when law-firm tactics leave her feeling dirty, and she gives herself over to Discovery Manor’s unique team-teaching methods.

An eager student, Madeline tests her boundaries in other ways: playing with fire, with ropes, with a diabolical machine that is part nightmare, part heaven. She ventures beyond the safe haven of Discovery Manor, celebrating Independence Day with a very public display of fireworks.

But there are rougher aspects to Madeline’s education as well. She learns that breaking the rules has consequences—and she can be forced to choose the precise method of her correction. She submits to one instructor who insists on getting to the very bottom of her disobedience. She’s pushed to her limits by another master, surviving only by abandoning all conscious thought, all calculated decision-making.

In the end, Madeline finds herself primed to simultaneously satisfy both Kimberly Sharp, her demanding boss, and Jonathan Hartley, Discovery Manor’s billionaire proprietor, celebrating a successful trial in one brilliant, explosive night.


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