Odd Bits & Dark Corners by Tracey DeSanto

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This quick and dirty compilation offers FOUR erotic horror tales in ONE short-read book! Welcome to Tracey DeSanto’s underworld… her dark corner of smutty smidgeons. This is where she lets her taboo fantasies run wild. 

Never forget… these stories are  smut. They are intended for readers over 18 years of age. In Odd Bits & Dark Corners you will find  strange, perhaps frightening, short stories…  each with lots of sex… in this case, ghost sex, tentacle sex and demon sex. There is even a teenage witch story! 

Follow Stacy Drake, Girl-Detective, as she spends a night in a haunted house. Lament the fate of a poor accountant who crosses paths with a succubus / lunch-lady. Marvel at the bizarre relationship a divorced woman shares with a wild cephalopod. Learn how the cool young witches summon their familiars these days. These are the Odd Bits & Dark Corners that Tracey DeSanto will share with you.  Read at your own risk. You have been warned!



An excerpt from No Particular Place:


“Wait,” he said, “I need my keys.” Johnny leaned towards her and reached inside the leather jacket. The back of his knuckles slid slowly and intentionally across  her breasts. Stacy arched her back, rubbing against him. They were nose to nose. His lips were so close that there wasn't any reason not to kiss him, so she did.

He tasted of peppery tobacco and juicy-fruit gum. His lips greeted her’s with hungry invitations. Soft and slow, they met and explored each other. Soon he parted his lips and allowed just the tip of his tongue to come out for a visit. He tested her tentatively, but there was no need to worry. Her tongue came out to play, and soon Stacy and Johnny were necking the way two young people ought to, which is to say, enthusiastically. 

There was a seatbelt buckle jabbing Stacy from behind, distracting her from the pleasures at hand. She wriggled and adjusted her position. Reaching into the interior pocket, she fished out the car keys.

“Looking for these?” she asked.

Johnny took the keys and turned them in the ignition. There was a guttural revving noise that settled into a deep throaty idle. The car vibrated right through Stacy’s body, taking her clit for a ride. The boy adjusted the controls and lovely warm air began to blow out of the dashboard vents. It was exquisite. 

That’s when Johnny returned her kiss.

He twisted towards her and reached inside the jacket, taking hold of Stacy under each armpit. His strength surprised her as he pulled her in. His hands, in such proximity, made her breasts tingle. Johnny crushed her against his muscular torso. Sparks ignited and lips collided. She opened her mouth to him. Their tongues had a little dance together. Probing and tasting each other, they Frenched. 

Stacy let her fingers explore this coiled creature she was in lip-lock with. She traced her way down his back: narrow, but ripped, and undertook a tactile journey to his chest. She groped him, searching for nipples. Johnny clutched her even tighter and moaned into her mouth. Stacy was a nervy girl-detective, so she dared to pinch. This made him kiss and nip behind her ear.

“Oh, baby, you make me feel so good,” he whispered. He inhaled her and sent his tongue along the edge of her earlobe. This caused a bit of a clamour between Stacey's thighs. The boy kissed her again and nibbled her lip. Stacy squeaked and kissed him back harder. Their teeth clicked roughly, and they both laughed, retreating from their animal necking.

“Whew. Things are getting warm in here,” he said.

“Agreed,” said Stacy, brazen. She shrugged and the leather jacket rolled back off her shoulders. Johnny still held her under the arms, but now he could see her. He liked what he saw. Her nightshirt was still damp to the skin and revealed her toned belly and those outrageous nipples. Her pointy roguish cones jutted through the fabric. Her breasts were small, and they took centre stage.

Such an obvious asset beckoned for attention, so Johnny did the right thing and ran his thumbs across them. That’s when he found out how sensitive they were. Stacy arched her back violently and turned pink from her collarbone to her chin. Knowing he was on to something, the boy tried it again. Stacy made a special noise and kicked  involuntarily. That’s when she laughed and pounced.

The girl climbed over and straddled him. She took his face in her hands and began to kiss him hungrily. Johnny hiked her nightshirt up around her waist. One hand went north to her nipples, and the other went south to caress the mound hidden under her cotton panties. They were kissing, licking and tonguing each other in earnest. He found a way to chuckle through it all when he discovered the profound wetness of her  underwear. 

“No laughing from you, Mystery Boy,” she said, and sent her own  hand downwards. His abs were rock hard, but when she reached lower, she found something harder. It was her turn to chuckle. Johnny grunted and bucked as she groped his bulge.

The boy rubbed her slit through her panties. As Stacey rode his fingers, he managed to pull the fabric aside, slipping his index finger deep into her. She was so hot and soft, she opened wetly for him and drenched his hand. Johnny began to finger-fuck her, first with one finger, then two. She took it happily, squealing as she kissed, holding his denim-bound monster as if her life depended on it. 

There comes a time when a girl reaches the crossroads, and she was there.

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