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Okay. This is smut. It isn’t your grandma’s romance book, but it isn’t your uncle’s porno novel, either. Let’s split the difference, shall we? This is Tracey DeSanto’s Eclectic & Sexy Collection! Want to know what happens when a young farmhand works his way through every sexual partner at the polygamy farm? Try the DeSanto Sexy Collection. Curious as to what goes down when a nerd girl lets her self free at the gaming table? DeSanto Sexy Collection! A Leprechaun Love Affair? A circus threesome? I think you know the answer is DeSanto’s Sexy Collection. 


Tracey's short fiction is literate, entertaining, and unashamedly dirty. This bundle includes the first four DeSanto books. You will read about straight, bi and gay encounters, not to mention poly and group sex. These delightful events are depicted bluntly, and perhaps a bit salaciously. You will not find long meandering plots about love-lorn soulmates. Tracey DeSanto offers a sex-positive, steamy reading experience with strong, relatable characters.


An Eclectic and Sexy Collection includes A Shamrock Shag, Making the Rolls, Under the Big Top, and Pecking Order in one smutty, fun-filled romp! All are “stand alone” stories. 



Excerpts from An Eclectic and Sexy Collection:


~A Shamrock Shag: Loving the Leprechaun:


“Aroused beyond the laws of nature, she let him out of her mouth and hiked up her dress. She had worn no panties that day. Michael remained against the wall. She climbed his still-turgid dick and impaled herself desperately. He slid into her and bucked. Connie became lost in his opal-blue eyes. They kissed, primally, and she shared the liquor of his love with him. He held her close, locked in her ravenous kisses while thrusting into her from below. She clamped her legs around him and humped.

Squealing and gyrating, she drifted. What fun to fuck her lover against an old factory wall…” 


~Making the Rolls: Love That Giant:


“Jill sat up straight and squared herself against Memphis. She had noticed on earlier game nights that he seemed distracted by her boobs, prompting her choice to start gaming bra-less... just to keep him off balance. 

She asked cutely, "Does Mr. Giant speak Common Language?"

"It might be a little late for that, but you do have the first free move. Go ahead and try." Memphis smiled a toothy smile and reached for his dice.

She nibbled the tip of her pencil. She knew that if she tried to retreat Mr. Giant would get a free shot and likely kill her, ending the game. What the hell... she thought, What have I got to lose... except my dignity?

Jill began sheepishly, "Yanxantha yells, 'Hold, fair Giant!' She unbuckles her smashed breastplate and lets it fall to the ground at their feet. She looks up at him submissively and steps back with her arms upheld in supplication. She might be bouncing from foot to foot a bit. Oh... and she smiles seductively.””


~Under the Big Top: Clowning Around:


“Carlotta was getting wet with arousal. She reached down and undid the big brass buckle on Millie’s belt. Once undone, she unbuttoned Millie’s dungarees and lowered the zipper, working her hand down into the loose pants and under the boxer shorts. Millie's stomach was tight and flat. As Carlotta explored, she found a soft tangle of hair and let her fingers explore. There she encountered slippery wetness and the fleshy bump of Millie’s clitoris. The woman growled and nipped the flesh adjacent to Carlotta’s left nipple, then she stood up straight and looked Carlotta in the eye.

“Let me help you with that, Darlin’.” She dropped her trousers and kicked them off, leaving herself in only her sheer muscle-shirt and grey work socks.  The tomboy knelt in front of Carlotta, reaching around her to finish unzipping her dress. She pulled it down over Carlotta’s wide ass to land on the floor. Millie nuzzled Carlotta through her white cotton panties, hugging her tight and burying her face. Carlotta closed her eyes and traced her fingertips along the short-cropped stubble of Millie’s neck. Her eyes flashed open, startled, as Millie pulled her panties aside and tongued her private places. 

“Hey, there, Tomcat,” Carlotta whispered, “why don’t we get more comfortable?””


~Pecking Order: the Mistress, the Master & the Maid:


““Don't be shy, son," Master Brown said, as he gripped Henry's wrist and began smearing the liniment into his hand's chapped creases. Henry was startled at the pleasant sensation as the older man massaged his palms and lubricated them with the greasy, medicinal stuff. "There. Feels fine, doesn't it, boy?" Jeremiah Brown concentrated on his task. The nimble stroking of the older man's immaculate hands intimidated Henry. He couldn't recall ever being touched in such an intimate way. Henry stared at the floor in shame as his cock began to stiffen. 

Master Brown cupped Henry's chin and turned his face so as to look at him. Henry caught his gaze, surprised at the attractiveness of his Master. 

"There... better," the Master said. "Now we begin.””

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