The Pixy and the Giantess: OMNIBUS Edition- Jennie Lee Schade

  • Written by: Jennie Lee Schade


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Collected together for the first time, with all three novellas in a single volume, The Pixy and the Giantess: OMNIBUS Edition takes you on a journey that begins with a woman discovering a young, male pixy trapped in a spider’s web.


Thus begins a strange, rich and edgy romance that embroils them within the magical, medieval and miniature society of the Pixali and the Fae. Theirs is a reversed society.


This is a story that is simultaneously a dark tale and a story filled with warmth. An adventure laced through with intimate moments, it is s seemingly-sweet tale infused with a creeping sense of horror.


 The pixy and his giantess are happy together, but a face from his past and the crimes of a sad and terrifying ancient war are reaching out to destroy their bright happiness and all they hold dear. In these pages are found adventure, humor, romance & size-changing, magical moments…and a most unusual couple who only want one thing: to be together


Re-written and revised, The Pixy and the Giantess OMNIBUS Edition is over 16,000 words longer than the original series.



“Get up, you lazy Pix!” Krystina’s much-too-cheerful voice said, as she jump-landed on the bed.

The abrupt movement sent Perry, who had slept at his natural size, flying into the air from the soft pillow he’d been curled up on.

He swiftly changed, and fell back down as a human-sized male. Groaning, he threw his forearm over his eyes.

He had spent a long, intimate evening with his captor the night before. It had been wonderful, but he was worn out. He felt no desire to be awake yet.

Shifting his arm, he sighed and opened a single periwinkle eye and looked at her. She was dressed already. Her red curls were freshly washed and her pale, grey eyes were bright with energy and good cheer.

“WinterRose is still here today.” The boy said stretching out. His sleepy smile was full of mischief.

“You don’t really need my assistance for such a simple photo shoot; and I would not be here alone. You wouldn’t need to worry.”

He was deliberately provoking her, and the woman knew it. Laughing, she hugged him, then flipped him over onto his belly.

“Oh?” She said into his ear. “Is that how it is, then?”

The pixy didn’t answer her. His smile was both sly and sweet. His purple-blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the pale gold of the morning light.

The giantess placed a single finger in the center of his lower back.

I want you back at your natural size…and for you to stay that way until I say otherwise.

In an instant, Perry was back in his normal form, pinned down by the pressure of one of Krystina’s fingers.

No escape for me, I see. Am I in trouble, Krys?

He squirmed now, feeling pleasantly nervous. He wondered what she would do with him.

Ah…I do not suppose there is any chance I could convince you to simply lock me in the cage and let me sleep the day away, is there?

The woman shook her head, although the teasing and laughter in the Pix’s mental voice made her smile. She pulled a small roll of cotton string from her pocket.

Not even a little one, Perry.

He watched, over his shoulder, as she tied him firmly at the wrists and elbows, binding his arms behind his back, and finishing the knots around the shoulders.

The pixy flexed his arms, testing the ties. The knots, tied with a giant’s strength, he knew would hold.

He only wondered why he wasn’t bound as tightly, as strictly as they usually both preferred. Her ears couldn’t take his voice at this size, so he teased her mind-to-mind.

Bound as I am, I do not believe I can assist you properly today…what will you do with me now?

He winked a purple-blue eye at her.

Krystina smiled, again, and shook her head, her red curls flying. She placed Perry gently on his back and proceeded to tie him at the ankles and the knees. The movement of his chest told her he had begun to breathe heavily.

He watched her intently as she cinched the ties, binding his legs together. His body showed his captor clear signs that he was enjoying this predicament.

He was a bit surprised when she carefully cut a small piece of black tape and pasted it over his mouth. That was something she’d only done once before when he was this size.

The giantess cupped her helpless pixy carefully within the palm of her hand.

For a moment, gazing up into the smiling warmth of her pale, grey eyes, he was reminded of the day she had rescued him. He should have been nervous, but wasn’t.

He felt perfectly safe, perfectly loved.

Perry glanced down and his eyes widened. He noticed where Krystina was moving him to. He shook his head, as she gently placed him in her shirt pocket.

You are…most creative.

The laughter in the boy’s mental voice made the woman smile. She was chuckling as she answered him.

Well, this way, I take you to work with me and you still get to “rest.”

The tiny captive shifted his position, so he wasn’t laying directly upon his bound arms. He was actually fairly comfortable, cushioned against the softness of her breast. It wasn’t like being shoved into a sack (an experience he was, unfortunately, intimately familiar with). He could look up and see the morning sunshine, and see his captor’s kind, grey eyes smiling down upon him.

The pixy snuggled his bound form into the warmth of his giantess’ body and waited to see what the day would bring.

Krystina had carried him with her throughout that day. Occasionally, a sun-warmed finger would slip into the pocket and gently stimulate his helpless body. Even when he had finally spent himself, she had continued…keeping him on the edge.

When she’d finally released him from his bonds and allowed him to change his size, the pixy had pounced on her…and made his giantess feel as good as she’d made him feel.

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