Just for Him by Richard Hiscock

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0432-4
  • Written by: Richard Hiscock


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This collection has 32 different escapades of sexual experiences, some of which are true and some pure fantasies but it’s up to you the reader to work out which are really true and which are purely in Richard’s wicked imagination.

WORD COUNT: 60,440


I grabbed at my breasts, pulling at the nipples, tugging them, pinching and squeezing, enjoying the exquisite pain I was evoking.  I ripped my nightie off over my head and lay there naked, squirming over the mattress as he continued to devour me. 

Then his mouth was climbing up my body, kissing my navel, lingering over my breasts before kissing me with such passion I thought I'd pass out.  I could taste myself on his tongue and his wet mouth was all over my eyes, chin, and neck. 

I gasped as his huge knob began to probe.  Arching my back, I pushed upwards, spreading my legs further apart, eager for him to enter.  I'd never experienced one so hard and thick before and was dying to see it.  I wanted to throw on the light and see him in all his glory but didn’t want to break the mood, didn’t want him to stop.

I grabbed the back of his head; my tongue searching for his, as his knob probed further.  His hand was holding the shaft, his knuckles grazing my clit, forcing my cunt open before inching the massive beast inside me. 

He began to fuck me slowly, in and out, gliding over my g-spot, teasing me by nearly pulling it all the way out only to ram it straight back in and then continue with his leisurely pace.  I thrust up into him, wild with lust, pulling his hair, barely able to draw breath as he nibbled over my neck.

I arched my back further, dropping my head, wanting him to suck my tits into his mouth but he pulled back to admire me, then licked the nipples with only a quick flick of his tongue.

I was slick with sweat, my body aching, my mind spinning with what we were doing.  He was after all my sister’s husband but at that moment I couldn’t have cared less.

“Fuck me faster you bastard,” I moaned, the first words I'd spoken since he entered my room. 

“With pleasure,” he said ramming himself fully inside me. 

I thought I'd be split in two.  The bed shook against the wall and for a second I hoped no one could hear us but then passion took over and I punched into his back, his arms and chest. 

He laughed as he lifted me by the hips and I straddled him, his cock never leaving my pussy.  Then he attacked my breasts and I held his neck firmly wanting him to crush me into his fantastic body.

With his mouth sucking my nipple, his finger stole its way towards my hole.  I tensed, unsure of what was going to happen.  He smothered my breast with kisses before sucking my nipple harder into his mouth to distract me as his finger slipped inside.

It was fucking insane.  I humped into him, trying to get as much of him inside me as possible.  My juices were slipping around his cock, oozing out of the sides and I felt an orgasm building up while his finger probed my hole further.

I was like a woman possessed, wild, uninhibited, as my silky nectar gushed.  I punched into him unable to control myself.  Perspiration was pouring off my face; my body glistening with sweat as I came again and again.  I managed to push him backwards while I disengaged myself and flew down to his cock.

It was slimy and wet and as I grasped it in my hand I marveled that it had even fit inside me, it was so thick.  I licked crazily at the slit, oozing with precome and ran my tongue up and down the shaft pumping at the same time.  I nuzzled at the underside of his knob while fingering myself, loving the feel of wetness between my thighs.

I spread his legs and probed my wet finger into his hole.  A rumbling in his chest, a sign of approval spurred me on.  His hole was tight and as I inched in further he relaxed enough for me to insert two fingers to explore gently.

His knob was so big I had trouble fitting it all in my mouth.  It felt as though my lips would split as my tongue licked around.  I was gasping for breath, saliva pooling around his cock before he suddenly pulled me away from him, turned me around and entered me doggy style.  His cock sunk in so deeply it was as though it was hitting my lungs.

I almost screamed as he pummeled me, holding my hips tight against him, my head was being thrown around like a rag doll.  He was slamming into me, his hairy balls slapping hard and then I sensed him stiffen before exploding deep inside me.  Still pumping, shooting high, I too came again and as he slowed the temp my juices oozed to dribble down the inside of my thighs.

He pulled out and I collapsed onto the bed.  The next thing I knew the door opened and he left without another word.  I was disappointed, wanting to relax in his arms in the aftermath of such wonderful lovemaking.

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